Between Two Rivers

Between Two Rivers

Winner of High Country Literary Award for 2003 - Best Action/Adventure Novel

Between Two Rivers is an adventure story. After an unspecified disaster devastates the coastal plain, a group bands together to make the arduous westward trek to food, freedom, peace and security. It is a story of courage and resourcefulness. Follow them as their individual faults and virtues weld a cohesive group that sees them through natural catastrophes, enemies and their own errors in judgment. Weep with their tragedies and celebrate their victories. Enjoy them as they are and don't try to read too much into it. The surprise ending will bring a smile to your face.

The iUniverse publishing staff called it "A story for our time. A tale of courage and grit. With a twist!" While no specific era is alluded to in the book, in terms of courage and grit, inter and intra-relationships, perhaps it is just that. It is a rousing adventure and a downright good story.
Actual comments from High Country reviewers:
"Fascinating - great adventure - one I want to re-read."
"Characters were well developed, sensitive, sympathetic."
"The most surprising ending I have ever read!"

Check this unsolicited 5 Star review:
Reviewer: G. Michael Horne from Scotland, MD USA (by permission)

Between Two Rivers joins the reader with a group making its way through wild, dangerous territory. Their goal - a place of peace and happiness. Mr. Joseph deftly blends the essentials of a true "page-turner". The well-paced narrative makes this book difficult to put down once started. Struggles to survive against villains and nature, friendship and personal sacrifice, honor and heroism, humor and sadness, adventure and surprises - all abound. And, a touch of romance. The characters, good and evil, are developed in sufficient detail to make them quite interesting as individuals. Descriptions of the physical surroundings absorb the reader into the scene. Although fiction, the characters, events, and the surroundings are realistically portrayed and the reader quickly comes to believe this could be a true story. I highly recommend Between Two Rivers to all who enjoy well-written, attention-grabbing novels with real bite! I look forward to Mr. Joseph's next offering with great anticipation!

Between Two Rivers -- Fiction / Adventure
Trade Paperback -- Publication Date: Sep-2002
Price: $28.95 -- Size: 6 x 9 -- 604 Pages *
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Author: Charles Joseph
ISBN 10: 0595248160
ISBN 13: 9780595248162

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Another unsolicited 5 star review!
"An Amazing Trek Westwardly"
Reviewer: Christin J. Carpenter (Lusby, MD United States)
"Between Two Rivers has the ability to intermingle the characters with the reader. His writing allowed me as the reader to get involved with the lives of the characters, to cry when they cried, to laugh when they laughed, and to rejoice when they rejoiced.
Mr. Joseph has done a superb job of writing a novel that is a struggle to put down. I highly recommend Between Two Rivers. I too look forward to his next book!!!"
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Excerpt from another fine review:
... this is a very good book. It's quick, easy to read and has lots of action and excitement...a real page turner. The characters are well developed without too much rambling and description; the same with the location. The author draws the picture with a minimum of idea of a good writer.

On Tuesday November 29, 2011, I was invited to participate in the Parents/Teachers/Students Association Family Reading night at Isaac J. Gourdine Middle School in Fort Washington, MD. It was a terrific event! My book, Between Two Rivers was well-received and I was treated royally. While I want to thank the entire PTSA for their wonderful hospitality, I must extend a special Thank You to Sabrina Burroughs and Crystal Moore. These two lovely ladies went out of their way to make me feel welcome.

Proudly displayed to your right is my Certificate of Participation!

On Wednesday Evening, June 13, 2012, I was the Front Porch Book Club's (Leonardtown, MD) Guest-of-Honor author for the month for my book "Between Two Rivers". It was a terrific evening with lively discussion and interesting insights into the story from several reader's viewpoints. I want to say a sincere Thank You to all who participated, but especially to those who purchased either the print version or electronic version of the book. -And I can't let the occasion pass without a special warm Thank You to Linda Snively who made the whole thing possible.

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