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The nickname PAX-COMM and the name PATUXENT COMMUNICATIONS were established in 1975 as the Two-Way Radio, Communications and Industrial Electronic Service Division of THE PAX-TRONIX CORPORATION.
PAX-TRONIX opened in 1972 as PAX-TRONICS. We incorporated and changed the spelling in 1975 when PATUXENT COMMUNICATIONS was created as a division. THE PAX-TRONIX CORPORATION was disestablished and closed in 1995.
PATUXENT COMMUNICATIONS remained in operation providing two-way radio repeater services and electronic sales and maintenance services to a limited group of small businesses. In late 1998 the repeater systems, assets and customer base were sold, but the business name retained. In early 1999 we began buying tubes from closed businesses (including buying back our own tube stock) for the sole purpose of setting up this Internet Sales site.
I also haunt yard sales, antique shops and other places for good deals on parts and equipment. I test, repair and calibrate/qualify the equipment. I catalog the equipment and parts and offer them for sale at very good prices.
So here we are!

In 1975 I invented the nick-name PAX COMM. It is an obvious and known geographical reference to the Patuxent (PAX) River area where we first plied our trade of COMMunications Sales and Service. Anyone else using PaxComm, PaxCom, Pax.Comm or any other form of Pax-Comm, with or without dashes or dots, has high-jacked our name and plagiarized what I conceived.
I mention this because I have been recently harassed by a law firm from China trying to extort money from me for using a name that I invented. There is another Asian Company also using the name. I think they are from Korea. While they have not directly harassed me, they have filled their website(s) with all versions of the name to get hits anytime someone inputs the term. While I realize I can't stop anyone from doing this, it sours my stomach - and I'm a pretty easy-going guy.
Just so there's no mistake - I invented Pax Comm in 1975 and I can prove the time frame, -plus we have an obvious geographical and functional connection to the term Pax-Comm. I challenge anyone else to prove such a close connection to the term Pax Comm.

Anyone -REPEAT- ANYONE else using the name or phrase PAX-COMM in any form is trading on the fruits of my intellectual inspiration.

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