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As Robert Ziolkowski (Bobz) tells us, TRIANGLE was TUNG-SOL's brand for tubes that didn't meet OEM standards. Probably sold for less. However, during WWII, virtually no first rate tubes were available to consumers. That's where the MR stamped on this box comes in. It means tubes that are authorized for civilian Maintenance and Repair.

In researching TRIANGLE and TRIANGLE A, I didn't find a whole lot. But one thing I did find was that TUNG-SOL may have had a tube historical reason for choosing the name TRIANGLE. It seems that back in the late 1800's to early 1900's when tubes were being invented, a man named Conrad Schickerling developed tubes with triangular cut elements to get around DeForest's patents. These were called TRIANGLE VACUUM TUBES and marketed as TVT. I don't believe there was any direct connection between T-S and TVT, but as often as not new names for companies are often related in the history of similar products.

You may also want to take a look at this RADIOCOIN box. Seems like they have something in common.

Here's Bobz's 2 e-mails of Aug 18, 2015 about the TRIANGLE A box:

"You might not known that T-S also sold tubes under the Triangle brand box. These tubes were not up to OEM standards but good for the replacement market. As I recall they were in simple green boxes."

"While doing a little clean up today, I found a Triangle box that doesn't look like what I remember them looking like. But like companies do they change logo's and box designs. Look at the pic.
Regards Bobz"

Thanks Bobz


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