I have more than a couple of problems with this brand. First, the box looks like a knock-off of the CBS tube box. Then there's the name; Although they hyphenate Gamma-tron, Gammatron was a term patented by H&K (Heintz & Kaufman). It referred to using certain materials for the grids and plates of tubes that allowed for higher power at lower temperatures among other claimed advantages. However, I doubt that this company had anything to do with H&K. They are from Hialeah, FL; H&K was one of the early residents of what would become Silicon Valley in California and H&K was a well-known professional engineering company. While H&K did use this term on tube boxes that were not actually Gammatron tubes, I don't think this company had anything to do with that technology one way or another. I think they were probably a rebrander and/or washhouse.

Tube box courtesy of Larry Stephens.

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