Cetron began life as Continental Electric in the late 1920's, sired by a disgruntled engineer who left GE. A little over 20 years later, two disgruntled engineers left them and formed National Electronics. (Seems like a lot of disgruntled engineers in early tube work - See Varian/CPI/EIMAC; H&K/L&K etc). Anyway, at some point they shared the factory with National, using the same machines and facilities to build their tubes. Now the name of CETRON is owned by Richardson along with the National and Amperex brand names.
Presumably the "CE" of CEtron stands for Continental Electric.
At one time newer CEtron tube boxes with a green and white color scheme passed through our hands, but I only have the older version to your left to show.
Three views of the same tube box.
Courtesy of Mike Parent.

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