While stationed in Key West, FL in the mid 1960's, I owned and operated a small TV service business called JOSEPH TV. My local wholesaler was Thurow Electronics. They carried CHANNEL MASTER as their economy tube line. Occasionally when they were out of stock on a first line brand tube, I would buy a CHANNEL MASTER tube for an immediate job. This was when the big influx of Japanese made tubes began. Channel-Master tubes weren't first line but they were basically OK.

CHANNEL MASTER began in business in 1949. At one time they had a line of televisions. Sold them for a while through the business I partnered in at Albany, GA in the late 1960s to early 1970s called HEP TV. CHANNEL MASTER has had a line of antennas for years and are still active selling antennas and HDTV conversion boxes.

At one time they were owned by AVNET who also owned ALLIED RADIO/ELECTRONICS at the time.

Tube box courtesy of Larry Stephens

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