Sampson and/or Samco was a re-brander. The supplier was The Sampson Company of Chicago, Ill. I believe they were a descendant of MASCO (Mark Alan Sampson Co.), manufacturer or private labeler of amps and radios in the 1940's. In the early 1960's Sampson was the exclusive importer and sales rep for Hitachi Electronic Products. Even the Hitachi tube boxes listed "The Sampson Company" (see Hitachi page).

Note the CRANE box on your right. Looks like the SAMPSON Company had their fingers in another tube pie.

Both tube boxes courtesy of Larry Stephens

Sampson not only had a connection to Hitachi, but they also owned the Perma-Test brand of re-branded or washed tubes. -See logo to left and Perma-Test page. The SAMCO logo on the right appears on all three brand boxes in one form or another (not all Hitachi boxes).

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