ZYTRON tube box courtesy
of Larry Stephens
There's a lot of confusion around about Zalytron & Zytron. After a bit of research, here's the deal. At least concerning the green tube boxes that look alike. They are the same company. They began supplying tubes around 1956 as ZYTRON. In 1958 they changed the name to ZALYTRON. Possibly because there already was a British company supplying valves (tubes) named Zytron or perhaps because Zalytron was closer to their family name than simply Zytron. The boxes were the same, just ZALYTRON where the left example shows ZYTRON. Tube writing was usually green, orange or white. They did not make tubes. They were rebranders getting them from wherever they could. Note that they were not a wash-house.

As a company, ZALYTRON is still in business. Right now mid to high power stereo speakers are their primary products.

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