Years ago, Lafayette Radio Electronics was one of the big 3 electronic catalog companies (Allied, Lafayette and Radio Shack). They had an excellent line of test equipment kits though not as extensive as Allied's Knight Kits. However my first VTVM was a Lafayette and a few years later, my first CB Radio. Come to think of it my first FM receiver in my first individual component stereo system was also a Lafayette. Most of my early EICO test equipment (before I became a staunch B&K and Sencore user) was purchased through the Lafayette catalog. Lafayette even franchised stores ala Radio Shack for a while. One of our local wholesalers doubled as a Lafayette outlet.
As you might expect, LRE tubes were usually lower priced imports like you'd get from any consumer oriented sales outlet rather than first line tubes as sold by professional wholesalers. The 2 year warranty was a sales gimmick, just like Radio Shack's gold clad pins. -Added nothing to performance, but made the untrained think they were getting something.

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