Electronic Enterprises Inc


Tube box courtesy of Bob Ellingson

EEI; Electronic Enterprises Inc. This tube box looks black & and white and gray scale because it is. It is shown in true full color. B&W and gray scale are its true colors. I put this text writing in color just so you would know the page was in color.
The company appears to have been around circa WWII and shortly thereafter. They were a tube manufacturer.

Here's a link to an interesting lawsuit where EEI sued the US Government and won:
"EEI v. US"

The gist of the story is that the US ordered a batch of tubes and accepted them when they passed the test specs. A 2nd batch was ordered, but they changed the test specs. The US did not include the new specs in the initial order for the 2nd batch, but then tried to hold EEI to the new specs. It's a little more complicated than that, but if it piques your interest, go to the link and read it.

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