box 1 courtesy Bob Ellingson

box 2

Had only a couple of Hitachi tube boxes from when we bought out a tug-boat company assets. But we did go through a few CCTV camera tubes which we got through RF Gain or Richardson. I can't recall the box color, but it had the well-known Hitachi logo.
Tube writing is typically a subdued silver and includes the Hitachi logo.

Our time as a Hitachi service center was spent in the solid state years. Hitachi was a relative late-comer to the close to 60 consumer and industrial brands for whom we were a service center, so I wasn't familiar with the tie-in to The Sampson Company. However after a little research, here's the deal:

Sampson &/or Samco was a re-brander. The supplier was The Sampson Company of Chicago, Ill. I believe they were a descendant of MASCO (Mark Alan Sampson Co.), manufacturer or private labeler of amps and radios in the 1940's. In the early 1960's Sampson was the exclusive importer and sales rep for Hitachi Electronic Products. Even the Hitachi tube boxes listed "The Sampson Company" (see above). Sampson not only had a connection to Hitachi, but they also owned the Perma-Test brand of re-branded or washed tubes. -See Perma-Test page. The SAMCO logo on the right appears on all three brand boxes in one form or another (not all Hitachi boxes). Electronic Utilities Company (EUC), as mentioned on box 1 was a subsidiary of Sampson.

Here's 3 views of another Hitachi box. It's bigger than a standard GT box, but smaller than a standard G box. Probably because their -BQ6GTBs were like a few others I've seen, -bigger than most GT tubes. Also note the colors. -The same as Sampson's Perma-Power brand and they used the same logo. Not sure of the tie-in or time line, but the connection is obvious.

Blue Hitachi box courtesy of Cliff Wills

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