Tube box courtesy of Bob Ellingson
CeCo was an early tube manufacturer. -Or were they just a brand name for the Gold Seal Manufacturing Company? However, to me they were an industrial tube wholesaler. They were our primary source of transmitting and special purpose tubes in the 1970's & 1980's. We usually dealt with Bernie or Dave. After a while, Dave broke away and formed a competitor called RF Gain. Because we had dealt mostly with Dave, we switched to RF Gain. Eventually both were swallowed by Richardson.
What strikes me strange about this box is that it says East Newark, NJ. In researching CeCo, I found old addresses for Providence, RI. When I used them for a wholesaler, I thought they were on Long Island, NY or Brooklyn (I know, Brooklyn is the west end of Long Island).

Major Update 19 April 2016 from Leonard Arzoomanian
CeCo history from Rhode Island Radio
Leonard sent us this link to his fantastic Ceco history page from his equally outstanding and comprehensive Rhode Island Radio history site. There's also references and links to Triad tubes and other cool stuff. Take a tour, it's well worth the time!
Thanks, Len

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