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Two views of the same tube box. Courtesy of Bob Ellingson
Heintz and Kaufman was an early manufacturer of transmitters. When RCA, GE and Westinghouse refused to sell tubes to them because they were transmitter competitors, H&K set up and built their own tubes. During the depression years, transmitter sales lagged and H&K entered into the replacement tube market. When they decided against concentrating solely on the Ham and transmitter market, two of their experts, named Eitel & McCollough, left and formed another company destined to become famous in the world of transmitting and special purpose tubes - Eimac.

Heintz & Kaufman didn't seem to have a RETMA code, but their JAN military code was CKH.
What strikes me as strange is that they used the term 'Gammatron' on all their boxes, even if the tube wasn't a Gammatron. It referred to using certain materials for the grids and plates of tubes that allowed for higher power at lower temperatures among other claimed advantages.

The Kaufman of this brand is the same Kaufman of L&K (Lewis and Kaufman).
Ludwell Sibley explains, see below.

H&K originated in South San Francisco. One of the early residents of what was to become known as Silicon Valley. L&K originated in the same valley, but a little south-er. Like San Jose and Los Gatos.

Update July 15, 2006 from Ludwell Sibley of "Tube lore" fame.
Below are excerpts from full text which is shown on Lewis and Kaufman page.

"Hi –
I’m currently researching an article for “Tube Collector” (Tube Collectors Assn.) on Lewis & Kaufman, on Marshall Electronics after it, and on the National Radio Tube Corp. and Lewis Electronics before it. Was Googling about and found your L & K page – you were the only hit.
Anyway, Jack Kaufman left H & K in 1946 to associate with Garrett Lewis and form L & K. Lewis had previously operated the NRTCo. and Lewis Electronics...

...Somebody must’ve bought rights to the name, just as someone got the H & K “Gammatron” brand and the “Penta” brand, and distributed “somebody’s” receiving tubes...
Ludwell Sibley"

Thanks, Lud

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