box courtesy of Bob Ellingson
Triad is one of the early tube manufacturers. They began in the 1920's in Pawtucket, RI. Some years later in the 1960's, I ran into Triad tubes, but they had apparently sold their name to a rebrander. They were house brands at many self-service tube tester stores.

The box on your left was from their manufacturing days. A unique thing about it was its triangular shape (viewed from the top). The box on your right was from the days when their name was leased or sold and the tubes were sold by self-service tester stores.

The TRIAD Transformer Company -now Triad Magnetics and still quite active- claims to have come into existence in 1940. That would seem to preclude the idea that they are the same company. However, it is possible that the same principals just changed the direction of the company and re-incorporated in California from Rhode Island. A question still in process.

box courtesy of Larry Stephens
Major Update 19 April 2016 from Leonard Arzoomanian
CeCo & Triad history from Rhode Island Radio
Leonard sent us this link to his fantastic CeCo history page from his equally outstanding and comprehensive Rhode Island Radio history site. Ceco and Triad were interwoven. Follow the info on the Ceco page, then check the index column for Triad and other cool stuff. Take a tour, it's well worth the time!
Thanks, Len

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