Rad-Tel, the infamous el-cheapo wash-house. They advertised in the do-it-youself mags like Pop'tronics and Gernsbach's Radio-Electronics. Any tube 39 cents. Somewhere in the 60's they had a price hike. Up to $0.49. They sold anything, factory seconds, used and/or washed tubes. The tube writing was 2nd rate as well. Usually had a week-year date code. It was laundry date, certainly not a manufacture date. They absolutely did not advertise in professional mags like PF Reporter or Electronic Technician (both absorbed by ES&T -Electronic Servicing & Technology - now out of business). I almost didn't post this, but what the heck. It's part of tube history. Don't worry, the few we have for sale are thoroughly tested, guaranteed and priced as used tubes.

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