Wizard box courtesy of Cliff Mills
Wizard was the brand name for Western Auto's private labeled parts. But when they began selling Radios, TVs & Stereos under the Truetone name they changed the replacement tube brand to Truetone as well. To your left is a Wizard box. All four sides are the same. It was the old push-through-to-test type. To your right are two versions of the Truetone tube boxes. The red box is from their earlier Radio & TV days. About the time the flood of Japanese tubes began, the blue Truetone tube box showed up. Although the blue box also states 'RCA Licensed', most of these tubes were Japanese imports. Writing was usually blue. Rarely was a date or EIA code shown. Some stores with self-service tube testers sold tubes under the Certified brand.
For several years in the 1970's - 80's we were the independent service center for the local Western Auto store in Southern Maryland.

Red box courtesy of Larry Stephens

Blue box from my collection

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