Above Rogers box
courtesy of
Mike Parent.

Above Rogers-Majestic box
courtesy of
Damon Limeback.
The Rogers-Majestic company has quite a history.
Edward S Rogers, a Canadian pioneer in Radio and Electronics merged his Standard Radio Manufacturing Company with the Grigsy-Grunow Company of Chicago, manufacturer of "Majestic Electric" radios. Both companies specialized in 'batteryless' radios, although Standard had developed it first.
While only 24 years old Mr. Rogers invented the 15S, the worlds first AC rectifier tube making possible radios that operated directly from household current. Proving the doubters wrong, he eliminated the AC hum that many said could not be done. (Seems like such a simple thing today, doesn't it).

Mr. Rogers was only 38 when he died. Who knows what other inventions may have came from his fertile mind!

I'm not sure of the time line on the far left tube box. It appears to be prior to the Majestic relationship. The box on the immediate left shows the Majestic connection. On the right is two sides of a newer small tube box.

Above Rogers box
courtesy of
Damon Limeback.

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