TESCO. This one leaves me wondering. Based on the overall box design my first inclination was to place this with the Standard Brand boxes. But look at the flap. I researched this and came up with only a possibility. There is a Tesco in California that is tying together several supermarkets for internet grocery sales. That possibly ties in with the San Jose address listed on the flap. What makes it stranger is that Tesco is also the name of a major grocery chain in Europe. Also I'm intrigued by guaranty by Lloyd's of London shown on the side panel. Additionally the Tel-A-Save on the other side panel is from a rubber stamp, not original box print. I still believe these to be rebrands or washes, but now look at the below additional boxes.

Above tube box coutesy of Damon Limeback.

Look at these two boxes. One is a GT size, the other a G. The end flap has the identical TESCO logo as shown in the above pictures, but it's the side panels that add to the intrigue here. One says DeForestron in regular tube box printing. We in tubes all know who DeForest was, but I doubt that he had any real tie-in with this outfit, despite the statement "World's First Tube". Not like his name did when RCA produced some RCA-DeForest branded tubes way back when. The other has TV-RADIO DEALERS CO-OP BRAND TUBES rubber stamped. That really sounds like a re-brander. But what's interesting about this box is the small price sticker. In small print above the price it says - guess what? "DeForestron Quality Tubes" Does this mean DeForestron was a store? I don't know. Guess we need to talk to an old-timer from San Jose. All the boxes shown on the page are identical except for what is printed or stamped in the diamond.

Tube boxes to right coutesy of Bob Ellingson.

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