This page has a listing of boxes that passed through our hands, but we no longer have any to scan and show. If any are acquired, we will scan it and graduate it to it's own page. Thanks to help from Damon Limeback, Bob Ellingson, Larry Stephens, Mike Parent and Cliff Mills the list is going down rapidly. Over a dozen tube boxes have transferred to their own page so far. Those that I still have no picture for, remain below.

While I have accepted pictures of boxes that I don't possess, I will not copy from any site without permission whether I once owned the style box or not. The above mentioned gentlemen (and others) have voluntarily and graciously supplied many that were not listed on this 'other' page. Credit was noted when appropriate.

1. CERTIFIED. I think this may have been Western Auto's own brand before they started selling tubes under their own Western Auto name. Way back in 1961 when I first began fixing stuff out of my house, the nearest wholesaler was 30 miles away. I had not built up much stock yet and we had a WA store right around the corner. When I needed a tube quickly, there I went. They always worked OK. The box was orange with black & white lettering.
It resembled this Standard Brand box, but I'm not sure enough to give it a page.

Standard Brand #6
2. CETRON. An industrial tube brand. We got several types through CeCo, RF Gain &/or Richardson for two-way radio and industrial servicing in the 1970's and 1980's. We received a photo of one version from Mike Parent but it's not the version I remember, so I'm still looking. I believe the version I'm looking for had a green & white color scheme.
3. CORNELL. This was a wash house and re-brander. Actually did try some of their tubes in the early 1970's. They were awful. Got a few thoroughly tested types listed as rebranded or used tubes, but no boxes. Although they branded the tubes with their name, they may have used Standard Brand boxes.
4. PRO-COMM. This was supposedly a new venture by a known tube house (never knew who) to supply a quality first line tube in the 1970's or 1980's. A local wholesaler carried them for a while. They were good, but expensive. Only about 30-35% off list, no 60/40/10 or even 40/10. Box was blue and white.
5. SANYO. Of the many brands that we were a warranty center for, Sanyo was the first, (Zenith was the second). We did a lot of Sanyo work, but no tube boxes left to show.
6. SHARP. We were a Sharp servicenter for many years and acquired a few before everything went solid state. Can't recall the boxes, but they were colorful.
7. SONAR. We were a Sonar Land Mobile and Marine Electronics Sales and Servicenter for several years. While all the items we sold were in the solid state age, we did service some of their older tube equipment. Therefore I've handled some Sonar labeled tubes, but no Sonar tube boxes to show.

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