Zenith was an equipment manufacturer, not a tube maker. They bought and relabeled tubes from the major manufacturers until they bought a small tube maker called Rauland. Rauland continued making tubes with their own brand in addition to producing Zenith branded tubes. They didn't make all types, so Zentih still bought some from the other manufacturers. At some point Zenith limited their Rauland subsidiary to making CRTs and again bought all their receiving tubes from the major manufacturers. The older Zenith tube box on your left was BR (before Rauland). It was a sealed, push through to test box and the writing was yellow.
Both Rauland and Zenith branded tubes were all quality first line. Zenith had the courage and respect to put the original manufacturer's EIA code as well as their own 343 code.

Zenith tube writing in the newer boxes was usually orange or reddish orange, however yellow was used frequently. Date codes were originally year-week, but when many tubes from Sylvania showed up wearing Zenith colors, the 3 letter Sylvania code showed up too.

Zenith had a line of replacement semi-conductors that used either their Zenith part number or the ECG number. Zenith distributors provided a full cross reference book as complete as the ECG cross reference. I had one, but it went with the store front. Wish I could find one now, because it gave the specs of the zenith p/n semis as well as those that used the ECG number.

When the American consumer electronic manufacturers died, Zenith was one of the last to go under, thanks to their quality. Remember the slogan "The quality goes in before the name goes on." But, ultimately they were bought out by the South Korean company, Goldstar, which is now known to all as LG.

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