We used more Westinghouse tubes than any other brand. It was our primary brand throughout most of the 1970's, all of the 1980's and into the mid 1990's when we closed the storefront. I figure we went through several thousand. I believe the name was actually licensed to a tube house at that time rather than being actual Westinghouse products. We used them because of all the tubes with name recognition they had the best price and we got good performance from them. I think Westinghouse quit making tubes and just licensed their name about the time the 'Reliatron' slogan was dropped. Of course, they continued the phrase, "You Can Be Sure If It's Westinghouse". -And they were good. We had very few problems and when we did, the wholesaler replaced it immediately without question within the warranty period.

Box courtesy Damon Limeback Box courtesy Bob Ellingson These four tube boxes from my collection

The Westinghouse EIA/RETMA code is 337 and they used it on almost every tube even if the tube was made by someone else domestically or overseas. Many of their USA tubes were made by GE, the frosted writing and dots being the giveaway. Tube writing was almost always yellow and date codes were year-week. Sometimes the date code would be missing, but it was usually there.
There were a couple of small variations on the box style to your lower right, but not enough to scan separate pictures. One variation was a slight different top tab and the other were small variations in the shade of blue of the box.
The box on your left was the open top and bottom type that used a corrugated insert to hold the tube.

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