I just wanted to show you some of the Standard Brand boxes that are around. Standard Brand boxes are used by re-boxers. That's not necessarily bad, although for collector's and purists, I admit it's a bit lacking. There's many reasons for re-boxing. Tubes that were carried in caddies for a long time often ended up with boxes in terrible shape. Working shops that substituted a tube for troubleshooting or an estimate often found themselves without the box after a shop clean-up (should not have happened, but did). Or the case where a sales outlet we serviced had a shelf come crashing down, destroying many new sets. Insurance paid them, we bought the carcasses from the insurance company for parts - lotsa' new tubes without boxes. When that happened we bought a number of the boxes shown to your right for those. Some of those and the others we acquired when we bought out other consumer service shop assets, plus a tug-boat comapny's electronics service shop and another two-way radio sales & service business.
See also the Pax-Comm page for other reasons why we re-boxed some of ours.

The below boxes are on the Standard Brand page because they have no name on the box and they are not close enough in appearance to make any other page. Obviously they were used by re-boxers. The first tube box has the flap down. Apparently their tubes were intended specifically for the Amateur Radio (Ham) market.

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