Silvertone was Sears & Roebuck's own brand of tubes. Of course they were made by someone else. -Also, they only sold types that would fill slots in their own products as they were not trying to support the world. We had a contract for several years in the mid-1960's to provide service for the local Sears outlet in Key West, FL before they built their full service store. They would replace tubes to our stock that we used in doing their service. Not necessarily a good deal, since we were using first line tubes and getting theirs in return, but sometimes ya' makes the best deal ya' can. Can't complain, never had a problem with any, but occasionally got a strange look in an over-the-counter sale. Although I shouldn't have. As I'm delving more into the history of tubes from times before my personal knowledge, I'm finding Silvertone to be a well-known brand. Were they Sears products back then, or did Sears just acquire the name?
The box on the left clearly states 'SOLD ONLY BY SEARS-ROEBUCK', but its certainly not the first Silvertone box. The two on the right show the evolution from using the Silvertone name to the Sears name. Sometime in the 1970's I believe.

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