Raytheon, now one of the largest defense contractors was a major player in the tube field. From their early years as a manufacturer of both industrial and receiving tubes to the later years when their name was licensed to a tube house, Raytheon branded tubes have been around for a long time. In their early years, up to and including their 'Uniline' marked tubes they were a quality, first line tube. While major changes in the box appeared when they added the Uniline marking, only small changes occurred when they licensed their name and dropped the Uniline slogan. The time line, oldest to newest runs from your left to right. The oldest box was the sealed type which you pushed the pins through the bottom to test the tube.
Writing was almost always yellow, although some red and some silvery white can be found. Mfg EIA code was 280, although that was dropped after they licensed their name. 280 can be found on many brands of tubes from the 1950's and 1960's, showing how active Raytheon was. Date codes were the standard year-week in the earlier years. In later years the licensee switched to a letter-number code.

Bob Ellingson

In the 1960's & 1970's Raytheon had a replacement semi-conductor line that competed well with Sylvania's ECG line early on. Initially they used RE as a prefix but had a totally different numbering system. Then they saw the trend, switched the prefix to REN and adopted the same numbering as ECG. They issued a comprehensive cross reference on the ECG style which we obtained through our local Raytheon distributor. Unfortunately, it went with our store front. Wish I had one now.

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