ABOVE are 3 Philco tube boxes spanning the early radio and TV years. The early tubes had yellow writing.
To your left is the popular tube box from the 1950s and early to mid 1960s.

To your right is the late 1960s and early 1970s box. Those years it was the Philco-Ford Corporation and both the Philco and Ford logos were on the bottom flap.
(also shown)

Two of our major suppliers in the 1960s were Philco distributors. For those years, Philco was our primary tube line. Most came in the box on your left.

Blue box courtesy Bob Ellingson

Philco's RETMA/EIA manufacturer's code was 1063, although some tubes showed the 3 letter Sylvania code. The date code was the year-week, sometimes without the dash. Writing was usually red, but I recall some blue and white also. In the early years, Philco made most of their tubes. In later years they bought from the major manufacturers and relabeled. Whichever, they were quality first line tubes.

The Philco name was eventually sold to North American Philips and for many years was part of the same NAP family that included Sylvania, Magnavox and Crosley. Now those names are owned by Asian companies.

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