Other than this box, I never really heard of this company. All I know is the tug-boat company whose electronic assets we bought had purchased several sets of replacement tubes direct from Hallicrafters for their communications receivers. When we bought the stock, all the receivers and most of the tubes were long gone. But this box contained a brand new Hallicrafters branded tube.
More recently I've learned the same style box was used by AMC. Just picture AMC where Metro is written. AMC supplied Radios and TV's along with other appliances in the post WWII days through the 1950's or later. They did not make anything. They just private labeled products other companies made for them. They sold Radios & TVs mostly through department stores under the names of AMC, Aimcee and Amcrest. I'm told AMC stood for Associated Merchandising Corp. Apparently they supplied tubes under their AMC name until the label changed to Metro or vice-versa. Other than the name, the boxes were identical.

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