Notice the similarity in the boxes and layouts. These three tube boxes came from the same low price tube house who purchased them from wherever they could. Initially they were branded ITT (International Telephone & Telegraph), then they changed to Lindal. At some point they were labeled RTT. I don't know what the 'R' stood for. Matter of fact, I'm not even sure the 'TT' portion meant Telephone & Telegraph as it did with ITT (it didn't; see update below). Why did they change from ITT? ITT had name recognition. Who the heck was Lindal? Perhaps they just lost the license to use the ITT name.


Thanks to Damon Limeback for both the ITT & RTT boxes.

Has anyone besides me noticed that the old Svetlana logo was very similar? Did I miss something?

UPDATE from Al Dill:
Just saw your page on Lindal tubes.
Since I worked for them I can tell you what the Boxes mean.
They bought the rights and inventory for ITT tube in the 60's.
They could use the ITT boxes as long as the original inventory lasted.
They started to change to RTT, Radio TV,Tube, but went with just the name Lindal.
Lindal was the mail order part of one of the largest tube wholesalers in the country and supplied tubes to every major tube co.
None of the major tube companies G.E., RCA, etc, made every type and they bought and sold to each other.
Lindal got out of the tube business in the late 80's but the principals are still in the transistor business today.

Thanks, Al

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