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Ken-Rad had some kind of relationship with GE. Maybe similar to Cunningham-RCA or Rauland-Zenith. They were a major supplier of tubes to the military during WWII and shortly thereafter; then to the civilian world as well. The name disappeared some time ago after GE became the owners. GE let them run for a short time under the Ken-Rad name, but eventually closed it out. Note they were headquartered in Owensboro, KY. That was one of GE's major tube locations and the home of the 188-4, 188-5 & 188-6 codes. After they came under the GE umbrella, most of their tubes carried the 188-4 RETMA/location code indicating the Ken-Rad plant became GE's -4 location. Some did carry the 188-5, but I believe they just labeled those tubes from GE's main plant.

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Tube box from my collection

UPDATE 7/21/2006: "Out of curiosity, you might find it interesting to note that Ken-Rad Corp. was organized shortly before the end of WWI with less than 6 employees to manufacture light bulbs and radio tubes. Before WWII commenced, it employed over 5,000 personnel, and following WWII, the company was sold to GE. My grandfather, Roy Burlew, was Ken-Rad's founder. You might also find it noteworthy that the company furnished the lights for the first night baseball game ever in Cincinnati."
Nick Burlew

Thanks, Nick

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