IEC - ICC - International

IEC - ICC - International

International is a much maligned brand among tube purists. I think it's a bit subjective, but never-the-less, as you visit some of the other tube sites, they're not always in favor. What is true is that the current line (and they are still current), going by the name International Components Corporation grew out of the brand name IEC (International Electronic Components) which was an outgrowth or child of Mullard Valve. Mullard was a well known quality brand from England. Just look as we take a trip through time, older to newer. Some had only minor changes, but are shown for reference. On a couple of the pictures, I left ½ of the top flap up to show the connection to the previous box. There is a link to our Mullard page at the bottom.
See below for major update!

The date code, when given is yearweek, but only the last digit of the year. Three numbers total.
There are two EIA/RETMA codes. 1022 for IEC and 922 for the still current ICC. See Jim Cross' update below.

Update 8/15/03: Jim Cross, who informed me of the El Menco/IEC connection also reported that IEC was formed by two brothers. Whether they bought Mullard or just licensed the name is still unknown to me. However, the brothers split in the 1970's. One remaining IEC while the other created ICC. IEC went belly up in 1980, while ICC continues today. So actually there were two companies. They must have worked together somewhat as the last IEC box and the first ICC box both use the term 'Servicemaster'. That may be when IEC folded and he permitted his brother to adopt the sales word.
Thanks Jim, for the info.

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