General Electric Company of England

GEC and Genelex are both brand names from England's MO Valve, Ltd. (Marconi-Osram). The Genelex boxed tubes we got when we bought the assets of a tug-boat company's electronic shop. The GEC tubes we stocked ourselves for marine radar work. We bought them initially from RF Gain, then later, Richardson. The tubes are labeled with a sticker that quickly dis-colors when operated. They used both a year-week and a 2 letter date coding system.
The M-O company was born in the mid 1800's as the English branch of Siemens operating under that name. Through several purchases, mergers and name changes they are now known as GEC and have no tie-in other than historical to Siemens.

Osram was also part of the Marconi-Osram family. As shown on the example to the right, they were also known as the General Electric Co. of England (GEC). Not only was Marconi-Osram one of the first major manufacturers of tubes (Valves in England), they were also very heavily into lamps and light bulbs. An area where the Osram name is now teamed with Sylvania (Sylvania-Osram).

EMITRON pics courtesy of
Mike Parent
Emitron was the export name for GEC-MOV Valve. When the British Valve Association (BVA) were in their more restrictive period(s), they limited the quantity and the types of valves (tubes) that could be sold outside of Britain under a manufacturer's actual name. The BVA cartel also placed a number of other restrictions like price fixing and more, but that's another subject.
The two views to your left are the top and bottom flaps of the box. Note on the right - Emitron also used the sticker that dis-colored quickly when the tube was operated.
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