El-Menco was a well-known name in capacitors. Whether the parent company, Electro-Motive Corp. marketed tubes themselves or just licensed their name, I don't know. We got these in the 1970's and early 1980's through a catalog company called Qualitone. Their line was limited to the most common types. They lacked brand name recognition, although with their famous capacitor name, among electronic techs, they should have been known. Never had a problem with them.
Most of their tubes are from Japan, but some are USA.

Update 8/15/03: Jim Cross informed me that IEC bought Electromotive Corp. in 1965 and began marketing tubes under the El Menco name, presumably for the brand recognition. I have created a link to our IEC page because of this connection, but be sure to check it out anyway. Jim also gave me some good info regarding IEC and another relationship.

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