Green & yellow boxes

courtesy Bob Ellingson
Ah! DuMont. The 4th TV Network. Back in the 1950's, before Fox was even a sparkle in anyone's eye. The consumer products division made televisions and were owned by the Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corporation (later Emerson Radio Corp.) for a while. That's near the time period when our relationship existed. We sold Dumont TV's on consignment in the early 1970's. Our wholesaler was a full line supplier so we also got many transmitting tubes from them as well. In addition to servicing consumer electronics, we had a division dedicated to the sales & service of two-way radio, marine and industrial electronics.
The gold tube box is more recent than the green & yellow.

Dumont tubes were good. Their EIA code was 158, but many carry the Sylvania 312 on them. Dumont was one of the few companies that put their code plus the original supplier's code, if it wasn't them. They used the year-week date code, but often had the 3 letter Sylvania code also. Tube writing was usually red or orange in the gold box and green or yellow in either green and yellow box.

  • The ERP on the gold tube box and one of the green/yellow ones stands for EMERSON RADIO and PHONOGRAPH showing the EMERSON connection.

  • Tubes labeled DuMont-Emerson were often Japanese made and not necessarily the same quality as those labeled DuMont alone. (Still need a box for combined DuMont/Emerson tubes).

  • Another note about Dumont. I wonder how many Engineers and Technicians in my age group had their first experience in using an o'scope with an old Dumont. I did. The first scope I owned was an EICO 465, but the first scope I ever used was an old Dumont. Although I can't remember the model number, I can still picture it in my mind. I bet there's a bunch of us.

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