CPI or Communications & Power Industries is the new name for the former tube division of Varian Associates.
The tube divisions are located in Palo Alto, CA and Beverly, MA. EIMAC was located in San Carlos, CA (just up the road from Palo Alto), but I understand they have combined operations with the Palo Alto plant. I have had the privilege of visiting all three manufacturing facilities. CPI has also acquired ECONCO BROADCAST SERVICES, a major rebuilder of high power tubes.

Varian Associates incorporated in 1948, originally in San Carlos, CA in what was to become known as Silicon Valley. They have maintained a presence in the area ever since.
Varian is a golden old name in the field of high power tubes, magnetrons, klystrons and other special purpose tubes. The Varian brothers, Russell and Sigurd, perfected if not virtually invented the Klystron tube.
Varian Associates bought Eitel-McCullough in 1965 and CPI is keeping the operation going strong as the EIMAC tube division.
Eitel-McCullough Inc. was formed in 1934 when 2 guys, William Eitel and Jack McCullough left Heintz & Kaufman because they thought they had a better way. Apparently they were right! H&K is no more, EIMAC is still strong.
Here's another Varian brand that few people know about. The logo proves that it is Varian Associates and not just a name lease. National is now associated with Richardson. Apparently, at some time, Richardson bought the rights to the name from Varian. Regardless, the CPI/Varian connection to National Tubes no longer exists. However, for continuity, the National page is linked below.

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