Calvert Electronics was one of the industrial tube suppliers we used in the 1970's. Along with CeCo and RF Gain, they were swallowed by Richardson. For a while they sold tubes under their own name, and the boxes showed their CEI initials.


UPDATE from Bernard Fudim:

"Amazed this part of my early life could be of this much interest. My brother started Calvert Electronics and I joined him about 1950. Later I dreamed up the name CEI as a means of selling our own tubes bought from wherever they could be obtained. These devices were extremely difficult to obtain in those days because during the Korean war most factories in the USA were producing all they could for DESC. (Defense Electronics Supply Center) DESC material was always dated and they sold as surplus, any material that went beyond some accepted reliability date, whether ever used or still in the original box. These were sold at auction. Distributors like Calvert Electronics would sometimes win an auction and try to find a way of recirculating the tubes back into the market or trade them to another distributor, who perhaps had an unfilled order. There were dozens of such distributors. Some of the names were Barry Electronics, Hall Electric (Halltron), Hyness, Unity Electronics (Hytron), Cadillac Electronics (who sometimes labeled them Cadillac), CECO, Richardson Electronics, Leon Halfin (Belgium) JSH Electronics, British Industries sold the KT88 made by MOV (Marconi Osram Valve Co) which later became part of GEC. It was an exciting time but receiving tubes were beginning to dwindle in the market and there came a time of oversupply. That was when I switched to higher power for broadcast transmitters and higher frequency for radars and accelerators. Hydrogen thyratrons became important for switching short bursts of power to bending magnets in atomic accelerators and for klystron oscillators. I never look back in regret."
Thanks, Bernard

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