Courtesy Mike Parent

Courtesy Bob Ellingson
Once upon a time in Massachusetts, a company called Hytron made tubes. Three of their box styles are shown here. The two boxes on your left state 'Bantam Tube' on them. Bantam being relative by later standards. One contained an octal tube and the other a locktal. Those boxes also say Salem, Mass. The third tube box contained a 6AK5W/5654 and says Danvers, Mass. on it.

Then came the buy-out by the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). (See the update from Paul Christofferson). These boxes show the early connection to CBS. The left box shows two views of the same box.
When they modernized, the box looked like the one on your left. There were however, two versions. On the earlier, the side panel still showed the HYTRON connection. In later versions, HYTRON was dropped.
CBS' EIA/RETMA code was 210, however some tubes showed the code of other manufacturers indicating they shared in the 'you make those and I'll make these' trading that went on among the majors from time to time. Usually they used the standard year - week date code, but some have a two letter code. Tube writing was orange or red and very neat.
We obtained many of these in the 1960's from a mail order supplier who mostly shipped Philco tubes, but also some of these. We also got several more in buying out an older local company in the 1970's.
The tube box to your right says HYTRON on it, but nothing else. No information. It came much later; after the HYTRON name was leased or sold to a tube house that got tubes from anywhere they could.
UPDATE Aug 12, 2005, from Paul Christofferson:
"My Dad, Jim Christofferson, started with Hytron in 1943. They were manufacturing proximity fuses for the war effort. After WWII, they tooled up for the production of both radio and TV tubes. My Dad designed most of the automatic machinery used in this production. CBS bought Hytron from the owner in the mid 50's.They began making color TV tubes and competed with RCA until they closed the company in 1961. They had plants in Danvers, Newburyport, Salem, and Lowell, Mass."

Thanks, Paul!

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