Some other sites call Amperex a European brand. They are what I like to call - Wrong. Amperex was originally an American brand with plants in Hicksville, Long Island, NY, Slattersville, RI and Cranston, RI. They produced receiving, transmitting and special purpose tubes. Eventually they did develop a close relationship with Philips (a Dutch owned company) to market European tubes. For a while they were arguably the biggest seller of European tubes in the US. As evidenced by the third box, NAP (North American Philips) bought them out and became the full owner sometime in the late 1970's, apparently to get a bigger foot in the door to US tube sales. Ultimately Philips bought Sylvania and the entire ECG line giving them ownership of two major US tube names, albiet the waning years of tubes. Amperex was a premium grade tube made in their own factories and then in Philips owned factories or purchased from other first line manufacturers. Their EIA/RETMA code was 111. The famous 'Bugle Boy' (Horn) tubes were specially selected for fidelity. Many of their tubes have the well-known GE frosted dots, indicating from whom they were purchased.
The Amperex name is now owned by Richardson.
For the most part the writing on their tubes was orange, sometimes leaning to a reddish orange. However, the Bugle Boy tubes usually had white writing. Most of the tubes used the standard year-week date code. A few had no date code at all.
We went through many and have many on hand as a local distributor carried Amperex as their premium tube line.

The above four box designs are from the 1970's and 1980's.
In the row below are a couple from the 1950's & 1960's. These two boxes are in the correct relative size to each other, although the smaller shows two views of the same box.

Thanks to Bob Ellingson for these two boxes.
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