Yes, this is the same company that started out as Allied Radio, a subsidiary of Columbia Radio Corp. Years ago, they were one of the big 3 electronic catalog companies (Allied, Lafayette and Radio Shack). They had an excellent line of test equipment kits called Knight Kits. For a while, they were owned by Radio Shack's parent company, Tandy, and served as the industrial sales arm for them. Then, for a while they were part of the Avnet family, before being gobbled up by Electrocomponents, a UK company.

Most of these tubes are Asian made and have no EIA coding. Tube writing is yellow.

We acquired these tubes when we bought the electronic shop assets of a self-servicing tug-boat company, whose shop we manned as a contractor after they had a personnel cutback.

This Allied has no relation to the Allied Electric Products that parented SHELDON Tubes.

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