Fusing Devices

Fusing Devices

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  • Fuses (AGC; AGU; 3AG; 8AG; F type (GMA); C & N type; etc.)
  • Belfuses (Chemical Cartridge Plug-in Fuses)
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Fusing Resistors (Filament, Power Supply etc.)
  • Thermistors, Voltage Dependent Resistors (VDRs, Glo-Bars)
  • Miscellaneous Fuse Devices
  • Fuse Holders, Mounts
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    Fuses by type sold individually
    If you order in multiples of 5
    they will probably come in a box
    Fast Blow 3AG; AGC, MTH, GLH, 311(32V), 312, SS2
    for AGC-V see GJV
    Fuse Size 1 1/4" x 1/4"
    (click pix to enlarge view)
    Dlr. Net
    312.031Littelfuse1/32A, 250V4$5.05$2.99
    AGC 1/8Buss74-6FG125MA1/8A, 250V1$2.04$0.35
    AGC 1/4Buss74-6FG250MA1/4A, 250V5$1.42$0.35
    SS2.315SOC315ma, 250V1$2.56$0.95
    312.375Littelfuse74-6FG375MA3/8A, 250V2$0.73$0.35
    28-288Tenma74-6FG500MA1/2A, 250V5$0.36$0.29
    AGC 1/2Buss74-6FG500MA1/2A, 250V3$0.69$0.35
    312.500Littelfuse74-6FG500MA1/2A, 250V3$0.39$0.30
    AGC 3/4 ~ SOLD OUTBuss74-6FG750MA3/4A, 250V3, 0$-$-
    312.750Littelfuse74-6FG750MA3/4A, 250V8$0.38$0.30
    AGC 1Buss74-6FG1A1A, 250V47; 43$0.69$0.35
    AGC 1CEI74-6FG1A1A, 250V5$0.62$0.35
    312001Littelfuse74-6FG1A1A, 250V2$0.38$0.30
    28-293MCM74-6FG1A1A, 250V5$0.32$0.25
    AGC 1.5CEI74-6FG1.5A1.5A, 250V6$0.89$0.35
    AGC 1.5Buss74-6FG1.5A1.5A, 250V5$1.06$0.35
    31201.5Littelfuse74-6FG1.5A1.5A, 250V11$0.38$0.30
    AGC 2CEI74-6FG2A2A, 250V5$0.62$0.35
    28-298Tenma74-6FG2A2A, 250V4$0.32$0.25
    312002Littelfuse74-6FG2A2A, 250V11$0.38$0.30
    AGC 2.5CEI74-6FG2.5A2.5A, 250V5$0.64$0.35
    31202.5Littelfuse74-6FG2.5A2.5A, 250V3$0.38$0.30
    AGC 3 ~ SOLD OUTBuss74-6FG3A3A, 250V1; 0$0.63$-
    312003Littelfuse74-6FG3A3A, 250V10$0.94$0.35
    AGC 3.5CEI74-6FG3.5A-B3.5A, 250V5$0.54$0.35
    AGC 4CEI74-6FG4A4A, 250V5$0.80$0.35
    312004 ~ SOLD OUTLittelfuse74-6FG4A4A, 250V4; 0$0.46$-
    28-305MCM74-6FG4A4A, 250V3$0.35$0.25
    AGC 5CEI74-6FG5A5A, 250V6, 2$0.65$0.35
    312005Littelfuse74-6FG5A5A, 250V4$0.38$0.30
    28-308MCM74-6FG5A5A, 250V5$0.34$0.25
    AGC 6CEI74-6FG6A6A, 250V5$0.65$0.35
    28-310Tenma74-6FG6A6A, 250V5$0.34$0.25
    AGC 7Buss7A, 32V4$0.90$0.65
    AGC 7 ~ SOLD OUTCEI74-6FG7A7A, 250V0$0.64$-
    311008LittelfuseMotorola 65-80397A228A, 32V1$0.90$0.65
    28-320TenmaMotorola 65-416515A, 32V2$0.34$0.25
    312020LittelfuseMotorola 65-463720A, 32V2$0.90$0.65
    28-323TenmaMotorola 65-463720A, 32V10$0.35$0.26

    Slow Blow 3AG; MDL, MDX, MSL, ATE, 313
    NTE equiv
    Fuse Size 1 1/4" x 1/4"
    (click pix to enlarge view)
    MDL 2/10 ~ SOLD OUTFusetron74-6SG200MA2/10A, 250V0$3.18
    MDL 1/4Buss74-6SG250MA1/4A, 250V5$2.06$0.63
    MDL 1/4Fusetron74-6SG250MA1/4A, 250V5$2.06$0.63
    313.500Littelfuse74-6SG500MA1/2A, 125V/250V8; 3$0.99$0.49
    MDL 7/10Fusetron7/10A, 250V5$1.65$0.99
    MDL 1 ~ SOLD OUTCEI74-6SG1A1A, 250V5; 0$1.25
    313001 ~ SOLD OUTLittelfuse74-6SG1A1A, 125V, old style5; 0$1.50$-
    313001Littelfuse74-6SG1A1A, 250V, new style1$0.95$0.50
    MDL 1.5CEI74-6SG1.5A1.5A, 250V5$0.92$0.49
    31301.6Littelfuse74-6SG1.6A1.6A, 250V1$0.99$0.54
    3AGSB 2Cefco74-6SG2A2A, 250V1$0.92$0.49
    MDL 2CEI74-6SG2A2A, 250V5$0.92$0.49
    313002Littelfuse74-6SG2A2A, 250V9$0.99$0.50
    MDL 2.5CEI74-6SG2.5A2.5A, 250V5$0.92$0.49
    MDL 3CEI74-6SG3A3A, 250V13, 5$0.92$0.49
    313003Littelfuse74-6SG3A3A, 250V8$0.95$0.50
    MDL 4 ~ SOLD OUTBuss4A, 32V (old volt. rating)5; 0$1.48$-
    313005Littelfuse74-6SG5A5A, 250V8$1.15$0.50
    MDL 5 ~ SOLD OUTFusetron5A, 32V (old volt. rating)2; 0$1.24$-
    313007 ~ SOLD OUTLittelfuse74-6SG7A7A,125V0$1.15$-
    MDL 10 ~ SOLD OUTBussMotorola 65-83461910A, 32V0$1.42$-

    Pig Tail Fast 3AG; GJV, AGC-V, 318, MGP
    GJV now AGC-V
    No NTE equivs. for 3AG w/leads
    Fuse Body Size 1 1/4" x 1/4"
    (click pix to enlarge view)
    318.200Littelfuse2/10A, 250V9$2.01$1.50
    GJV 1/2Buss1/2A, 250V4$2.01$1.50
    318.500Littelfuse1/2A, 250V3$2.01$1.50
    GJV 1 ~ SOLD OUTCEI1A, 250V5, 0$1.68$-
    GJV 1Buss1A, 250V1$1.68$1.26
    GJV 1.5Buss1.5A, 250V4$1.68$1.26
    GJV 1.5CEI1.5A, 250V5$1.68$1.26
    GJV 2CEI2A, 250V5$1.68$1.26
    GJV 2Fox2A, 250V5$1.68$1.26
    GJV 2.5CEI2.5A, 250V5$1.68$1.26
    GJV 3 ~ SOLD OUTCEI3A, 250V5; 0$1.68$-
    MGP 3 28-333Tenma3A, 250V5$1.50$1.13

    Fast Ceramic 3AB; ABC, 314
    NTE equiv. for ceramic fuses
    Fuse Size 1 1/4" x 1/4"
    (click pix to enlarge view)
    28-0205Tenma74-6FC10A10A, 250V3$0.55$0.39
    28-0208Tenma74-6FC12A12A, 250V3$0.62$0.47
    28-0210 ~ SOLD OUTTenma74-6FC15A15A, 250V2; 0$0.62$-

    Slow Blow 323
    Size: 1 1/4" x 1/4" + 1/8" tip;
    can be used as 3AG in most snap-in mounts.
    32301.2Littelfuseclosest NTE is 74-6SG1.25A1.2A (1 2/10A), 125V5$2.89$2.25

    Normal 1AG; AGA, 301
    Size: 5/8" x 1/4";
    (click pix to enlarge view)
    AGA 1BussNo NTE; Newark 94F24711A, 125V5$2.39$1.79

    Fast 4AG; AGS
    discontinued 2005
    use ABS
    Fuse Size 1 1/4" x 9/32"
    (click pix to enlarge view)
    AGS 1 ~ SOLD OUTBussno NTE equiv for AGS or ABS1A, 250V3; 0$4.73$-

    Fast 5AG; AGU, 511
    no NTE equiv.Size 1 1/2" x 13/32" (10mm X 38mm)
    fits EF Johnson Transcom II Radios, others
    AGU 15Buss15A, 32V1$3.61$2.70
    AGU 50Buss50A, 32V2$4.12$3.10
    Slow 5AG; MDRSame size as AGUSize 1 1/2" x 13/32"
    MDR 25Buss25A, 32V1$4.98$3.75
    Special Motorolafits Motorola Micor Radios, othersSize 1.1" x 13/32" Fits some AGU holders
    65-84161B01 Motorola ~ SOLD OUT40A, 32V; new2; 0$4.95$-
    65-84161B01uMotorola40A, 32V; used1$1.85

    Fast 8AG; AGX, 361, 362
    No NTE equiv.Size 1" x 1/4"
    AGX 1/4Buss1/4A, 250V5$1.80$1.35
    361.375Littelfuse3/8A, 250V4$1.85$1.38
    AGX 1/2 ~ SOLD OUTBuss1/2A, 250V0$1.55
    AGX 2 ~ SOLD OUTCEI2A, 250V0$1.05
    AGX 3 ~ SOLD OUTCEI3A, 250V0$1.10
    AGX 4 ~ SOLD OUTCEI4A, 250V0$1.15
    AGX 5 ~ SOLD OUTCEI5A, 250V0$1.20
    7A125v ~ SOLD OUTSunny7A, 125V Very Fast Instrument0$1.75
    AGX 8 ~ SOLD OUTCEI8A, 250V0$1.35

    Fast C; 332
    (Fast Blow version of N type)
    No NTE equiv.
    Size 1" x 1/4"; Flange tabs on one end.
    Fits spring-loaded C and some LC & N type mounts.
    Will also fit some 8AG/AGX snap-in mounts.
    C 1/2Littelfuse500ma, 250V1$2.55$1.90
    C 3/4Littelfuse750ma, 250V3$2.55$1.90
    C 2 1/2Littelfuse2.5A, 250V1$2.55$1.90
    C 3 ~ SOLD OUTLittelfuse3A, 250V2; 0$2.55$
    C 3 1/2 ~ SOLD OUTLittelfuse3.5A, 250V2; 0$2.55$

    Fast LC; (Large C Type)
    (Fast Blow version of N type)
    No NTE equiv.
    Size 1 1/4" x 1/4"; Flange tabs on one end.
    Fits spring-loaded N & LC and some C type mounts.
    Will also fit some 3AG/AGC snap-in mounts.
    C 7 (LC)Littelfuse7A, 125V3$2.55$1.90

    Slow N; LC, 333
    (Slow blow version of C & LC types)
    No NTE equiv.
    Size 1 1/4" x 1/4"; Flange tabs on one end.
    Fits spring-loaded N & LC and some C type mounts.
    Will also fit some 3AG/AGC snap-in mounts.
    N 1/4Littelfuse250ma, 125V4$4.30$3.25
    N 3/10Littelfuse300ma, 125V11$4.30$3.25
    N 4/10 ~ SOLD OUTLittelfuse400ma, 125V3; 0$-
    N 6/10 Littelfuse600ma, 125V2$4.30$3.25
    N 7/10 Littelfuse700ma, 125V4$4.30$3.25
    N 3/4Littelfuse3/4A, 125V6; 4$4.30$3.25
    N 1Littelfuse1A, 125V6$4.30$3.25
    N 1 1/4 ~ SOLD OUTLittelfuse1.25A, 125V3; 0$4.30$-
    N 1 6/10Littelfuse1.6A, 125V4$4.30$3.25
    N 1 3/4 ~ SOLD OUTLittelfuse1.75A, 125V0$4.30$3.25
    N 2 ~ SOLD OUTLittelfuse2A, 125V0$4.30$3.25
    N 2 1/2Littelfuse2.5A, 125V1$4.30$3.25
    N 2 8/10Littelfuse2.8A, 125V5$4.30$3.25
    N 3 2/10 ~ SOLD OUTLittelfuse3.2A, 125V2; 0$4.30$-
    N 5 ~ SOLD OUTLittelfuse5A, 125V5; 0$4.30$-
    Fast F; GMA, GDB, 212, 217, 219, 235
    NTE Equiv.
    Size 20mm x 5mm
    212.800Littelfuse74-5FG800MA800ma, 250V2$0.39$0.29
    GMA 1CEI74-5FG1A1A, 250V2$0.35$0.25
    28-358 (F)Tenma/MCM74-5FG1A1A, 250V9$0.25$0.20
    28-0464 (GMA)Tenma74-5FG1.6A1.6A, 250V5; 4$0.25$0.20
    GDB 1.6Buss74-5FG1.6A1.6A, 250V10; 8$0.39$0.29
    GMA 2 ~ SOLD OUTCEI74-5FG2A2A, 250V5; 0$-$-
    GMA 3CEI74-5FG3A3A, 250V5$0.35$0.25
    F3.15SOC74-5FG3.15A3.15A, 250V1$0.35$0.25
    GMA 4CEI74-5FG4A4A, 250V5$0.35$0.25
    F 4Ron-Sha74-5FG4A4A, 250V4$0.25$0.20
    28-370Tenma74-5FG4A4A, 250V3$0.25$0.20
    GMA 5CEI74-5FG5A5A, 250V5$0.35$0.25
    28-373Tenma74-5FG5A5A, 250V4$0.25$0.20

    Fast F Pigtail; GMA-PT, GMA-V, 219xEno NTE equiv.
    Size 20mm x 5mm
    28-881MCM5A, 250V3$1.00$0.75

    Slow T; GDC, GMC, 218, 239, UTE
    NTE equiv.
    Size 20mm x 5mm
    28-0325 ~ SOLD OUTTenma74-5SG1A1A, 250V0$
    23901.6 Littelfuse74-5SG1.6A1.6A, 250V13$1.19$0.35
    218002 ~ SOLD OUTLittelfuse74-5SG2A2A, 250V0$
    T2-1/2 SB Seneca74-5SG2.5A2.5A, 250V1$1.19$0.35

    Automotive Blade Fuses; ATC, 257, ATO
    NTE equiv.
    Size 3/4"
    257015Littelfuse74-AF15A15A, 32V (Blue)1$0.90$0.32
    Automotive; SFE; 307No NTE equiv.Size: Diam 1/4". Length depends on current rating.
    SFE 7 1/2ALittelfuseequiv. AGW 7.5
    7 1/2A, 32V  
    9A, 32V  
      Length: both 7.5
      and 9 are 22mm
    SFE 9ALittelfuse1$0.97$0.75
    SFE 14ALittelfuse
    14A, 32V         Length: 27mm

    Micro Fast ; GMW, 278, 279
    no NTE equiv.
    Body Size 7mm x 5mm
    278.400Littelfusesim Bel MRF 4004/10A, 125V Metal Case18$3.20$2.38
    Microtron Fast; 263 & Similar
    NTE similar
    2F10-4ACEIsim 74-MF4A 4A, 125V; Size: 0.4" x 0.12"
    Sub for EFJ 022-3902-598
    Also used in some Midland 70-series Handhelds
    MC4 (MC44A)
    EFJ 0223902598
    EF Johnson
    sim 74-MF4A
    sim Littelfuse 251004
    4A, 120V; Size: 0.35" x 0.10"
    MC4 Body encased in heat shrink for insulation.
    For Scorpion 59xx Series H/H
    Pico Fast; GFA, MCR, 251, See also MCRW
    NTE equiv.
    Click on pix for larger view
    251.125Littelfuse1/8A, 125V, Body size: 0.28" x 0.095" Encapsulated, Epoxy Coated; Pre-cut Leads1$0.92$0.69
    251001Littelfuse74-MF1A1A, 125V, Body size: 0.28" x 0.095" Encapsulated, Epoxy Coated3$0.92$0.69
    251003Littelfusesimilar 74-MF3A3A, 125V; Body size: 0.26" x 0.08", precut PCB leads1$0.92$0.69
    2751400000WickmanEFJ 022-3902-598
    sim NTE 74-MF4A
    sim Littelfuse 251004
    4A, 125V, 0.28" x 0.08", Body encased in heat shrink for insulation 1$0.92$0.69
    2751500000Wickmansim 74-MF5A
    sim Littelfuse 251005
    5A, 125V, 0.28" x 0.08", Body encased in heat shrink for insulation2$0.92$0.69
    MCRW, Submin Fast
    See also MCR, 251 series
    similar NTE
    3.2mm x 7.1mm; Molded Plastic
    Click on pix for larger view
    MCRW5Busssim 74-MF5A5A, 125V. Long Radial Leads
    PCB Precut Leads
    Plug (Screw-in) Types
    Type S; Replaces SL; Time Delayequiv. click on pix for larger view
    431742Master ElectricianMade for True Value30A, 125V. Tamper Proof2$1.75$1.31

    BELFUSE Chemical Fuses
    also called Amp Fuses
    Sans-A-Fuse Circuit Breakers
    Sans-A-Fuse are circuit
    breakers with pins that fit
    Belfuse Sockets
    p/n prefixed by FA
    GC Electronics

    Some individually wrapped,
    some were part of assorted kits.
    BrandEquivalent P/N & MfgCOLORQTY.
    Dlr. Net


    WorkmanRCA 109860Red2$3.99$2.99
    225-1GCRCA 945392-5, GC 25-893-S, Warwick 43-53-0Ivory1$3.99$2.99
    350-1Bel ~ SOLD OUTAdmiral 84B28-?, Zenith 136-75Green0$3.99$2.99
    FA350-1Workman Sans-A-Fuse1$4.99$3.75
    400-1GCRCA 945392-2, Motorola 65C7985A01; GC 25-956-S, Walsco 40-956-SBlue1$3.99$2.99
    450-1OneidaRCA 114446; 945392-4Pink1$3.99$2.99
    500-1Workman ~ SOLD OUTEmerson 808232, Olympic FU28146, RCA 945392-1Black0$3.99$-
    1000-1Oneida ~ SOLD OUTZenith 136-71White0$3.99$-
    1200-1GC Electronics
    Zenith 136-63
    Emerson 808236, GC 25-937-S, Walsco 40-937-SLight Green1
    FA1400-1Workman Sans-A-FuseAdmiral 84B28-5, Emerson 808241, Motorola 65S10404A08 & 65C67985A02Gray1$4.99$3.75
    1700-1GCEmerson 808238, Zenith 136-62, GC 25-929-S, Walsco 40-929-SYellow1$3.99$2.99
    2000-1Oneida ~ SOLD OUTAdmiral 84B28-7, Motorola 65S10404A10, Zenith 136-66Maroon0$3.99$-
    FA2000-1Workman Sans-A-Fuse1$4.99$3.75
    2250-1OneidaZenith 136-92Orchid1$3.99$2.99
    3250-2OneidaZenith 136-85Orange1$3.99$2.99

    FUSING RESISTORS - Check also resistor page.
    BrandEquivalent P/N & MfgDESCRIPTIONQTY.
    Dlr. Net


    Workman ~ SOLD OUTRCA 9429241, Sylvania 38-94293-25Ω, 7W Current Limiter0$1.90$-
    ON7.5Oneida ~ SOLD OUT7.5Ω, 5W Current Limiter0$1.90$-
    25-950-SGC ElectronicsRCA 104295 (945309-1); Belfuse 200-10, Walsco 40-950-S10Ω, Current Limiter w/Rounded Pins1$1.90$1.45
    KF-200WorkmanRCA 10504110Ω, Current Limiter, Circle Pins1$1.80$1.35
    25W10Workmannot in orig package, resistor style as below10Ω, 25W Filament Drop Resistor1$1.90$1.45
    25W41Workmanin original package41Ω, 25W Filament Drop Resistor1$1.90$1.45
    25W59Workmanin orig package as in above pix59Ω, 25W Filament Drop Resistor1$1.90$1.45
    110 ErectohmWorkmannot in orig package110Ω Dropping Resistor1$1.80$1.35

    Thermistors, Voltage Dependent Resist, Limiters, Temp. Comp. (VDRs, Glo-Bars, TCRs)
    Check also semi-conductor pages.
    BrandEquivalent P/N & MfgDESCRIPTIONQTY.
    Dlr. Net
    FR6WorkmanWalsco 1701-S; Motorola 6B744326
    Both Workman and GC Sold Out
    6Ω Hot, 600ma Globar0$3.35$-
    25-932-SGC Electronics0
    FR9WorkmanRCA 100118 (942922-1)9Ω Hot, 600ma Globar; MSRP: $4.801$3.35$2.50
    25-928-SGC Electronics1
    FR11WorkmanMotorola 6A73594111Ω Hot, 600ma Globar; MSRP: $4.801$3.35$2.50
    J288SiemensEpcos B59339-A1122-P201200Ω at 25°C; PTC Thermistor11$2.00$1.45
    PT146PRC1000Ω 1% at 25°C; PTC Thermistor (TC 0.35%)1$2.00$1.45
    9306-026MCIsim Workman FR26.5; Motorola 6510156A01; RCA 114480; RCA 14123926Ω at 25°C; NTC Thermistor2$3.35$2.50
    DP3E(Mexico)sim to BN3B; PC Leads; 11.5mm diam x 2.5mm thick0.2Ω at 25°C; NTC Thermistor, In-rush Limiter1$3.00$2.25
    XB-165 BN3B(Mexico)sim to DP3E; Long Leads; 11.5mm diam x 2.5mm thick0.2Ω at 25°C; NTC Thermistor, In-rush Limiter2$3.00$2.25

    Unique Fusing Devices.
    BrandEquivalent P/N & MfgDESCRIPTIONQTY.
    Dlr. Net


    GC ElectronicsRCA & other#28 AWG Fuse wire, Pkg/51 pkg$1.95$1.45
    LC200Workman ~ SOLD OUTRCA "C"3/10 Amp, Pkg/10$$
    534-0003-100EF JohnsonClick to enlargeFuse Kit; Contains 1 @ Fuses:
    Buss AGC7 32V; Buss AGC15 32V
    2 kits$1.63$1.20

    BrandEquivalent P/N & MfgPicture
    Click to Enlarge
    Dlr. Net
    PX3745MCM 60-3745
    sim Buss HHN
    sim Eagle R332B (20A holder)
    sim NTE 74-IFH6 (20A holder)
    Fuse Holder w/8" of 12 ga wire, fuses to 30A. Orig Package
    Fits all 1/4" diameter fuses. (fuse not supplied)
    PXFIN14Fuser TD
    sim Buss HHK
    sim Littelfuse 155120A
    sim NTE 74-IFH5 (15A holder)
    Fuse Holder w/48" of 14 ga wire, fuses to 20A
    Fits 1/4" diameter fuses 3AG, 8AG & SFE 7.5 & up. (fuse not supplied)
    PXFIN22Busssim MCM 28-060
    sim Newark 34C6171
    Fuse Holder w/48" of 22 ga wire, fuses to 3A
    Fits 1/4" diameter fuses 3AG & 8AG. (fuse not supplied)
    PX1075MCM 28-1025sim Buss HHB
    sim Newark 63K9349
    Fuse Holder fits 12 to 16 ga wire, fuses to 30A. Orig Package
    Fits 1/4" diameter fuses 3AG, 8AG & SFE 7.5 & up. (fuse & wire not supplied)
    FH1MCM 28-063sim Eagle R3-R13
    Newark 91B4900
    Panel Mount Fuse Holder, Rear Nut, Screw Cap
    Fits 1/4" diameter fuses 3AG, 3AB to 10A 250V. (fuse not supplied)
    1A3399BussKeystone 3517Individual fuse mounts
    Fits any 5mm diameter fuse (fuse not supplied)
    9; 1$0.27$0.21
    1A1907BussLittelfuse 102071Individual fuse mounts
    Fits any 1/4" diameter fuse (fuse not supplied)
    7; 1$0.29$0.23
    KY3535KeystoneLittelfuse 101003Individual fuse mounts
    Fits any 1/4" diameter fuse (fuse not supplied)
    S ClipRussell 44-21Piggyback standard fuse to leaded type
    Fits any 1/4" diameter fuse (fuse not supplied)

    Circuit Breakers
    BrandEquivalent P/N & MfgDESCRIPTIONQTY.
    Dlr. Net


    Workman ~ SOLD OUTLittelfuse 815001, C815001650ma Hold; 1.0A Trip0$4.50$-
    FA1.5Workman ~ SOLD OUTsim Littelfuse 81501.5, C81501.5860ma Hold; 1.5A Trip0$4.50$-
    FA2Workmansim Littelfuse 815002, C8150021.14A Hold; 2.0A Trip1$4.50$3.35
    FA2.5Workman ~ SOLD OUTLittelfuse 81502.5, C81502.51.6A Hold; 2.5A Trip2; 0$4.50$-
    85-976-02Zenithsim Littelfuse 8152.751.8A Hold; 3.1A Trip1$4.50$3.35
    815003LittelfuseRCA 945830-3, 109835; Sylvania 29-88905-8; Heath 65-11; Littelfuse C8150032.1A Hold; 3.0A Trip1$4.50$3.35
    815005LittelfusePackard-Bell 86735; Sylvania 29-16433-1; Littelfuse C8150053.25A Hold; 5.0A Trip1$4.50$3.35
    FA5.5Workmanseveral3.6A Hold; 5.5A Trip1$4.50$3.35
    FA7WorkmanLittelfuse 815007, C81500074.14A Hold; 7.0A Trip1$4.50$3.35
    D6364-1-60KlixonSpencer Products, Attleboro, MA. Div: Texas Instruments (orig supplier)60 Amps1$49.99$29.99

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