The dealer net info comes from catalogs like Newark, Allied, Richardson, MCM , CEI etc.

These semi-conductors are actual ECG/NTE/SK or exact equivalents. They are listed by the ECG/NTE number. The 2nd column shows the actual brand & p/n and the 3rd column the SK (RCA & later Thomson) equivalent number. In cases where the GE, SK or Zenith has no ECG or NTE equivalent, they are listed at the end of the table by their GE, SK, Zenith or other major appropriate number.

Notes: Before Raytheon adopted the REN system, they used an RE numbering system that differed from the ECG/NTE system. Same with the old GE (GE, GEIC etc), Motorola (MRO & HEP series), Tung-Sol (TS), Sprague and Workman (WEP) replacement line series. Some WEP numbers are the same as HEP (Motorola) numbers. Thordarson-Meisner used the ECG system pre-fixed by TM and Zenith used a combination system with their own numbers and ECG style numbers. ELM used the ECG/NTE number system. They were from Elmira Electronics, a well-known supplier of Westinghouse tubes. The Westinghouse name was supposed to be tied to the ELM series, but it never happened, although the packages did use the W-house colors. Lindal (ER) used a different numbering system which was also used by several other smaller suppliers. Unfortunately, neither ECG or NTE (nor even SK) included the ER series in their xref books. I do have an xref to ECG supplied by Lindal. It's a very small list. Another supplier using the ECG/NTE numbers was Phyltron prefixing with LX. Another common prefix with the ECG number was TCG. This was actually the predecessor of NTE (Newtone Electronics). Sylvania protested that it was too close to their ECG. They won and Newtone changed to NTE for their prefix. In Feb of 2001 NTE bought ECG (another case of the upstart eventually gobbling the master) from Philips who had inherited it when they bought Sylvania. Since NTE swallowed ECG and Thomson allowed RCA/Thomson's SK series to fizzle, NTE reigns supreme in the semi-conductor aftermarket replacement world.

Unless otherwise noted, these are all in their original package.

I believe all the data sheets I have linked to are Public Domain and contain information the proprietor would like disseminated. If neither is the case, please advise and I will remove the link immediately. I have no desire to infringe on some one else's rights.

To research your semi-conductor, go to this NTE cross reference. When you have found the replacement number, return to this page and find it in the left hand column. Simple as that!

Go here for Generic Semiconductors (mfgs part number) that are NOT exact equivalents of ECG or NTE numbers.

Check the Semi-conductor Accessories page for sockets, mounting kits, heat sinks and etc. There is also a link from the ECG/NTE number on this page to the appropriate socket etc. on that page.

SEARCH ENGINE HINT: When using your favorite search engine to find components or tubes, enter the part number (without ECG or NTE prefix), a space then "ECG" or "NTE" and followed by pax. (example: 102A ECG Pax). That will bring our pages up near the top of your list.


Type Number
BRAND & p/n
SK equiv
Dlr. Net


GE 27Z1SKMV17BMOV 17 volt, Diam 7mm. Littelfuse V27ZA1P. Pax Package12$2.40$1.46$0.59
1V130Harris 1301SKMV130HMOV 130 volt,Diam 7mm. Harris V130LA1; Littelfuse V130LA1P. Pax Package15$2.52$1.38$0.56
2V115ECG2V115SKMV115MOV 115 volt. Orig ECG pkg.1$3.75$2.26$1.77
51MoSpec MJE13005SK9452NPN Hi Speed Switch, TO-220. Pax pkg1$6.60$4.56$1.71
53NTE53SK9484NPN High Power, High Volt, Hi Speed, Si TO3. Orig NTE pkg ~ SOLD OUT4; 0$24.00$14.40$-
63ECG63SK9371NPN UHF/Microwave Amp/Mix RF19A case, Si2$32.60$22.67$14.60
64ECG64SK9372NPN UHF/Microwave Amp/Sw. RF19A case, Si2$6.85$3.73$2.95
SK9229NPN Gen Purp AMP T092 case, Si
(neither in original package)
100ER-50SK3721PNP Mix/Osc T05 case, Ge1$12.55$7.53$4.25
101ER-52SK3861NPN Mix/Osc T05 case, Ge1$19.75$11.86$8.45
102AER-51ECG102APNP Med Pwr Amplifier T01 case, Ge ~ ER SOLD OUT
Zenith 121-267 has socket length leads. For in-line leads use Zenith 121-19
Zenith 121-267SK30041
103AER-53SK3835NPN Med Pwr Amplifier T01 case, Ge1$12.90$7.45$5.60
104ER-100SK3719PNP Audio Pwr Amp T03 case, Ge4$49.10$29.46$21.95
105ER-102SK3012PNP Audio Pwr Amp T036 case, Ge2; 1$60.00$37.43$25.95
106LX106SK3984PNP Mixer/Osc/Amp T018 case, Si3$3.85$2.30$1.50
108FC E9018SK3452NPN RF/IF/Amp T0-92 case, Si. equiv HE9018. Zenith in orig pkg.1$3.15$1.88$1.20
Zenith 121-5201
108-1ER-56no SKUHF RF Amp NPN Si T0106. ER in orig pkg.
equiv EF Johnson 976-0720-108
Fairchild 2N51301
109ER-253SK3090Signal Diode DO7 case, 80v, Old ECG 200ma IF, New NTE 60ma IF, Ge1$3.15$1.88$1.40
110AGI 1N60see SK3088 below40piv, 30/50ma IF, Ge. Note: Old ECG110A is 50ma IF; New NTE110A is 150ma IF.
GI in Pax pkg; GE in orig GE pkg. CBS in Orig CBS pkg.
Case styles are DO-35 or DO-7. Repl. Standard HD10005020
GE 1N602$1.00
CBS 1N642$1.00
Sylvania Old Stylein Sylvania Electric Box0 ~ SOLD OUT
112ER-255SK3089UHF Signal Diode DO7 or DO35 case, 10ma Si ~ SOLD OUT0$3.00$1.80$-
Syl 1N82Old Style Glass Diode in Sylvania Electric Box ~ SOLD OUT 0~?~~?~$-
113AER-256SK9001Horizontal AFC Diode Pair, Common Cathode; Si 100PRV, 1.5A Fwd I. repl GE 6GC1; IR DD042$10.90$6.53$4.89
114GE 6GD1noneHorizontal AFC Diode Pair, Series Connected; Se 20PRV, 1ma Fwd.
equiv DD05, RR2AD, K-1616, D6
115IR DD06SK9002Horizontal AFC Diode Pair, Common Anode; Se 20PRV, 1ma Fwd I. equiv. GE 6GX11$13.85$8.28$6.21
General Purpose Diode, 600V, 1A, ER is D0-27 vice DO-41
2; 0$1.50$0.90$0.60
Zenith 103-2541; 0
117ECG117 (1A)SK3017BGeneral Purpose Diode, 600V, 1A, old D0-26. Old ECG/NTE = 1A; Mid NTE117 = 750ma;
New NTE = 1A again.
118ER-259SK3066Selenium High Volt Rectifier, 8KV. -(not in original packages)6$6.85$4.13$2.89
121ER-106SK3717PNP Audio Pwr Amp T03 case, Ge4$58.75$39.67$22.50
Zenith 121-3631
121MPER-107SK3718PNP Audio Pwr Amp T03 case, Ge 121 Matched Pair ~ SOLD OUT2; 0$104.30$62.58$-
123ECG123SK3020NPN Audio to VHF AMP T039 case, Si. ECG=Orig pkg; Motorola=Pax pkg
ECG is early 123; 2N2219 = early ECG123; 2N2219A = late ECG & NTE123
Motorola 2N22194$1.33
123AECG123ASK3444NPN Audio to VHF AMP T0-18 case, Si. GE Comm 19A115329P2, 19A115440P11$2.50$1.52$1.15
GE-20GE Original Package2; 1
Motorola 2N2222A2N2222A slightly higher power rating than NTE123A2$0.75
123APMagnavox 610224-1SK3854Other NAP (Philips) #s 6102240001, 006102240001 & 483513047051; # on part 224-11$2.50$1.52$1.15
Motorola HEP728HEP728 = 45V, 100ma, 310mw2, 1
Zenith 121-499
NPN Gen Purp AMP T0-92 case

Types with zero (0) quantity are sold out
4, 0
Zenith 121-5871
Zenith 121-6951, 0
Zenith 121-7441, 0
Motorola 2N4401Virtual equiv. ECG123AP. Replaces Standard Comm HT312121B0; Wilson/Regency 4801-0200-5033, 1$0.75
124ECG124SK3021AF Power Amp NPN Si TO66
To replace Zenith 121-912 use 800-256 kit (listed below).
RCA 1267261
125ECG125SK3081Diode Si 1KvPIV 2.5Amp, (bulk - not in original package)16; 11$1.60$1.00$0.65
ER-251Original Package1
bulk - not in original package14; 7
126ER-61 - PNP RF/IF Amp T018 case, Ge 200mw ~ SOLD OUT4; 0$18.10$10.86$-
126AECG126ASK3003APNP RF/IF Amp T018 case, Ge 300mw. -similar to above.1$16.55$10.32$7.75
RCA SK3003A1
127ER-111SK3764PNP Deflection Pwr Amp T03 case, Ge2$65.00$40.71$30.50
128ER-57SK3024AF Preamp, Drvr, 800mw/1 Watt, NPN Si TO39. Orig pkgs4$3.90$2.34$1.80
Raytheon RE71RE71 = REN128. Pax pkg. 1 new (NOS)
1 previously tacked in - full leads
129ER-58SK3025AF Preamp, Drvr, 1.25 Watt, PNP Si TO39. Orig pkgs2$4.60$2.76$2.10
Zenith 121-9521
Raytheon RE72RE72 = REN129. Orig pkg.1
130ER-104SK3027AF Power Amp, 115 Watt, NPN Si TO3 ~ SOLD OUT4, 0$4.85$2.92$-
Morse 2N30552N3055 equivalent to NTE130 ~ SOLD OUT2, 0$4.00$2.42$-
130MPER-105SK3029AF Power Amp, 115 Watt, NPN Si TO3, Matched Pair ~ SOLD OUT2, 0$11.05$6.63$-
131ER-112SK3198AF Power Amp, 6 Watt, PNP Ge TO66 (sim)2$12.60$7.56$5.70
131MPER-118SK3840AF Power Amp, 6 Watt, PNP Ge TO66 (sim), Matched Pair5$25.00$15.04$11.30
132ER-150SK3834JFET N-chan VHF/UHF Amp/Mixer. ER-150 is TO-92.. GE Comm 19A116154P1; 19J706038P11$2.20$1.32$1.00
NS 2N5245Most datasheets show 2N5245 as TO92. This is early TO-106b, same as NTE132.1
135AELM135ASK5V15.1 volt 1 watt Zener1$0.72$0.38$0.29
137ATK 1N4735ASK6V26.2 volt 1 watt Zener Pax pkg.
EF Johnson 523-2003-629, 523-2514-629; Standard Comm HD30036090; RCA/TacTel 433875
140AECG140ASK10V10 volt 1 watt Zenerpk/2$1.44$0.75$0.57
Motorola 1N3020Metal 10v, 1w Zener. ~ SOLD OUT0$0.72$0.38$-
142AECG142ASK12V12 volt 1 watt Zenerpk/2$1.44$0.75$0.57
152ER-109SK3893AF Pwr Out NPN Si TO220.
To replace Zenith 121-966-01 or 921-498 use 800-767 kit (listed below).
4; 2$4.55$2.74$1.99
RCA SK38931
152MPER-108SK9936AF Pwr Out NPN Si TO220, Matched Pair3$10.30$6.22$4.39
153ER-110SK3274AF Pwr Out PNP Si TO2204; 2$5.55$3.33$2.40
RCA SK32741
ECG154SK3044Vid Amp, High Voltage NPN Si, TO-391 0$6.45$3.89$-
Zenith 121-7763 0
Zenith 121-7773 0
Zenith 121-8431 0
155ER-190SK3839Audio Amp NPN Ge, TO66 (sim)2$9.55$5.72$4.25
157ER-65SK3747Power Amp, High Voltage NPN Si, TO-126
To replace Zenith 121-911 use 800-401 kit (listed below).
158     ALL
ER-63SK3004Audio Amp, Audio Version of NTE102A PNP Ge, TO14; 2; 0$17.25$10.35$-
159ECG159SK3466Low Noise Amp, PNP Si, (Complement to 123AP) TO-92
ECG & Raytheon SOLD OUT. Motorola & Rohm Pax pkg.
Raytheon RE-260
Motorola MPSA568$0.29
Rohm MPSA561$0.29
159MNTE159MSK10272Low Noise Amp, PNP Si, (Complement to 123A), TO18. NTE orig pkg.
equiv. GE Comm 19A134165P1
Fairchild 2N29061

ECG160SK3006RF/IF Amp, Osc PNP Ge, TO-72
for in-line leads, see Zenith 121-xxx listings below
Zenith 121-4260
Zenith 121-4290
161ECG161SK3018 or
Wide Band, Low Noise IF Amp NPN Si, TO-722$3.85$2.31$1.73
Zenith 121-3781
Zenith 121-5001
162ER-66SK3559High Volt Audio Amp NPN Si, TO33$11.50$6.90$5.18
163AER-67SK3439AHigh Power Deflection Amp NPN Si, TO32$12.65$7.61$5.71
164ER-114SK3133Deflection Amp NPN Si, TO31$16.10$9.66$7.25
165ER-115SK3115Horizontal Output NPN Si, TO32$10.90$6.55$4.92
171ER-75SK3201High Volt Video Amp NPN Si, TO-202 (Zenith MSPR=$8.30)1$3.20$1.90$1.43
Zenith 121-8683
172AER-68SK9455AAF Darlington Amp NPN Si, TO921$1.10$0.66$0.55
175ECG175SK3261High Volt Audio Amp NPN Si, TO-66
ECG Not in Orig Pkg, ER's Are in Original Pkgs
176ER-117SK3845AF Pwr Amp PNP Ge, TO391$11.30$6.78$4.99
177ER-70SK9091Fast Recovery Diode DO35 case, 200ma, Si. Heath 56-561$1.15$0.69$0.50
Zenith 103-1421
179ER-69SK3642Hi Current Sw PNP Ge, TO31$66.70$40.02$30.00
181ECG181SK9134AF Power Amp NPN Si, TO3 ~ SOLD OUT0$16.25$9.77$-
182NTE182SK3188AHi Spd Sw NPN TO1272$61.95$37.16$27.87
185NTE185SK3191Aud Pwr Amp/Sw PNP TO1262$2.10$1.26$0.95
186ECG186SK3192Aud Pwr Amp/Sw NPN Si, TO2021$14.50$8.72$6.55
187ECG187SK3193Aud Pwr Amp/Sw PNP Si, TO2021$8.90$5.34$4.00
190ER-74SK9435Horizontal Driver NPN Si, TO202N1$24.20$14.54$10.90
194Zenith 121-881SK3275HiV Gen Purp Amp. NPN Si T0-921$1.90$1.13$0.85
196ELM196SK3054AF/Deflection Pwr NPN Si T02201$6.00$3.64$2.75
197ER-79SK3083AF/Deflection Pwr PNP Si T02201$5.50$3.31$2.50
198TCG198SK3220AF/Deflection Pwr NPN Si T0220AB1$4.50$2.69$2.00
SK3245Lo Noise, Hi Gain Preamp NPN Si TO92.       NTE199s SOLD OUT2, 0
201LED Socket, PCB Mount. The link will take you directly to item 201SKLD on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
209Bakelite TO3 Socket. The link will take you directly to item 209SK3 on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
211ER-83SK3203Gen Purp Output Driver PNP Si T02021$9.90$5.94$4.45
229Zenith 121-551SK3246AVHF/UHF 500Mhz Transistor NPN Si T0-921$3.60$2.16$1.45
241ER-71SK9450AF Pwr/Switch NPN Si T0220. Complement to NTE242.1$2.40$1.42$1.10
242ER-73SK9451AF Pwr/Switch PNP Si T0220. Complement to NTE241.1$2.70$1.61$1.20
261ELM261SK3896Darlington Pwr NPN Si T02201$5.10$3.05$2.30
271RCA SK3936
Motorola TIP147
SK3936Darlington Pwr Out & Sw. 100V, 10A PNP Si TO-3P/CP-3/T0-218/SOT931
283ELM283SK3467HiV HiCurrent Sw. NPN Si T032$23.60$14.74$11.00
316Motorola 2N5179SK3039Lo Noise RF Amp NPN Si. Pax pkg. TO-72. GE Comm 19A134447P1; Standard HT305351B0A24$9.75$5.86$3.30
SK9432VHF Amp/Mix; NPN TO92, # on part 822-1. orig Sylvania/Philco package. NAP MSRP: $3.401$2.00$1.19$0.90
341Motorola MRF237SK9617RF Drvr NPN 4W 175MHz TO39EC. Very similar to SD1127. Pax pkg. Regency 4803-0871-200 1$49.00$34.32$13.90
346ST 2N4427SK9622RF Preamp/Drvr, NPN Si T039. Pax pkg.
GE Comm 19A706063P1; 19J706357P1. EFJ 576-0004-008. RCA 243284
3; 1$7.95$4.79$3.60
351Motorola 2N6082SK3177RF 25w VHF Pwr Out. NPN Si HF-44 outline. Pax pkg.
GE Comm 19A129181P2; EFJ 576-0004-018. RCA 421025. Regency 4804-0870-800
358GE-42SK93283.58MHz Chroma Crystal, HC-6 case, 18pf load capacitance1$14.25$8.55$6.40
Workman CX31
375ER-103ASK9118Vert Defl/AF Amp, NPN Si, TO220AB1$3.90$2.32$1.75
399NAP 6104880001SK9352Vid Amp; Horiz Drvr; NPN TO92M, # on part 488-1. Orig NAP pkg.
other Philips #s 006104880001, 13-3017629-1 & 483513047188
400TO5 or TO39 Heat Sink. The link will take you directly to item 3417HS5 on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
401TO5 or TO39 Heat Sink. The link will take you directly to item 3417HS5 on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
402TO220 Heat Sink. The link will take you directly to item 402HS220 on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
403TO220 Heat Sink. The link will take you directly to item 291-H-36 on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
4078 pin Round IC Socket. The link will take you directly to item 1G32 on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
40914 pin DIP Socket, PCB mount. The link will take you directly to item 409SK14 on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
413TO3 Insulator Kit. The link will take you directly to item 413MK3 on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
419TO5/TO39 Socket. The link will take you directly to item 419e on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
4238 pin DIP Socket, PCB mount. The link will take you directly to item 423SK8 on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
42928 pin DIP Socket, PCB mount. The link will take you directly to item 429SK28 on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
435P2020 pin DIP Socket, PCB mount. The link will take you directly to item 435SK20 on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
436W1616 pin DIP Socket, Wire Wrap Legs. The link will take you directly to item 436WW16 on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
437X18HC-18 Crystal Socket, PCB mount. The link will take you directly to item 437XH18 on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
439DO5 or TO48 Insulator Kit. The link will take you directly to item 439D5T48 on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
451Motorola MPF102SK9164UHF/VHF Amp N-ch JFET; GE Comm 19A115934P3. TO92. Pax pkg.1$2.60$1.57$0.86
466ARA FET102SK9163Hi Speed Switch/Chopper N-ch JFET; TO-18. Pax pkg.1$9.00$5.43$2.95
491TGE VN10KMASK9155Hi Speed Switch N Ch MOSFET, TO-237. Pax pkg.20$10.80$6.48$4.50
503ECG503SK3068Rect. 14.4Kv PIV Se ~ SOLD OUT1; 0$8.85$5.32$-
506ER-80SK3998Diode, Damper 1A, 1.4Kv (new 1.5Kv) PIV Si. also replaceable by NTE5581$3.75$2.25$1.70
508ECG508SK3756HiVolt Rectifier, 45KV PIV Si Replacement for entire 3A3 family plus 3AW3, 3B2, 3CA3, 3CN3, 3CU3, 3CZ3, 2CN3, 1B3, 1G3, 1J3 & 1K3 families1$27.45$20.59$11.95
510uEDI equiv. ECG510SK3758(used) HiVolt Rectifier, 45KV PIV Si Replacement for 3DB3 family including 3CY3, 3DJ3 & 3DC3 families1$21.50$15.07$5.65u
513Zenith 103-215SK3443HiVolt Rectifier, 45KV PIV Si (Varo H445)1$40.30$30.27$19.95
519various 1N914
various 1N4148A
SK3100100PIV, If 300ma 4ns Fast Sw. Si Diode. Some have pre-formed leads for PCB. Pax pkging81
524V17MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor). The link will take you directly to Philips p/n 5393320010 on the Generic/Mfgs p/n Semiconductor page.
553NTE553SK9975Pin Diode, UHF/VHF Band Sw, DO-3510$1.85$1.12$0.85
579Fuji C84-009SK1016390PIV, 3a Schottky Barrier Diode. Panasonic ERC84-009, ERC84009. Pana MSRP $6.005$5.40$3.25$2.15
585Motorola 1N5819SK993440PIV, 1a Schottky Barrier. (precut leads). Pax package.13$1.80$1.08$0.50
593FMMD6050SK9941SOT23 Hi Speed Switch Diode 70piv. Marking 5A; Pax Pkg (3/pkg). Motorola MMBD60501/pkg3$3.95$2.13$0.95
637Zetex ZC2800Eno SKSOT23 Schottky Barrier Diode, 30piv, IF 15ma, 290mw; Marking E6. E6 higher V & P than 6371$0.50$0.25$0.15
65810.0MHz HC-18 Crystal. The link will take you directly to the Crystal list on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
66120.0MHz HC-18 Crystal. The link will take you directly to the Crystal list on the Semi-conductor Accessories page.
704RCA 118361SK3023Sound IF/Amp-Det; 10p formed TO-5; # on part 3502-21$10.25$6.15$4.61
705AZenith 221-40
(early 9 pin vers.)
SK3134Chroma Demod, 9 pin TO5 can; Equiv Zenith 221-39; GEIC-3. Use 705A to replace ECG707.2$17.15$10.29$7.72
707Use NTE 705A (above)707 has an unconnected pin 10 at tab, 705A just has empty space. Otherwise pinout and specs are the same.
Equiv Zen 221-40 (late 10 pin version).
712See NTE 1162. Sound IF/AF PreAmp, DIP14;. The link will take you directly to NTE 1162 on this page.
NTE 712 & NTE 1162 are interchangeable. They both cross to RCA/Thomson SK3072.
714Zenith 221-42SK3075Chroma Sub-car Regen, DIP16. Also replaces GEIC-41$11.65$7.00$5.25
778ASignetics NE5532NSK3465Dual Op Amp, Internal Comp. DIP8. Pax pkg2$4.20$2.50$1.00
791Zenith 221-69SK3149Chroma Demod IC, DIP16; Also replaces GEIC-231. 1$11.05$6.63$4.95
864 Harris ICL8038CCPDSK9851Waveform Generator DIP14; JVC MSRP: $66.16. Pax pkg.198.35$59.01$35.40
922MTI LM311NSK3668Voltage Comparator DIP8. Pax Pkg1$4.70$2.82$1.05
923NTE923SK31642 to 37v 150ma Adj. Pos Volt Reg. T05 Can 10 lead1$13.35$8.03$6.00
923DST LM723CNSK31652 to 37v 150ma Adj. Pos Volt Reg. DIP14. Pax pkg2$3.65$2.18$0.95
926NTE926SK7721Quad Timer DIP161$5.20$3.13$2.35
938SK9166SK9166Super Beta Op Amp; 8 pin can1$19.50$11.70$8.75
941TI UA741MLSK3514Op Amp, Freq Compensated 8 Lead TO-99 Can (8 pin TO5). Pax pkg. equiv. UA741HC2$36.95$24.02$14.40
941MFairchild 741TCSK3552Op Amp, Freq Compensated 8 pin DIP. Pax pkg. equiv. F741TC ~ SOLD OUT2; 1; 0$2.50$1.42$0.65
955MST NE555NSK3564Timer/Oscillator DIP8. GE Comm 19A116968P1. ~ SOLD OUT 0$2.25$1.35$-
957ST LM337SPSK9216Neg Adj. 1.2 - 37V Reg 1.5A TO220. Pax pkg.1$7.25$4.35$1.85
958ST L7818C-VSK3699Pos 18Volt 1A+ 4% Reg. TO2202$2.30$1.38$0.75
959ST L7918C-VSK9283Neg 18Volt 1A+ 4% Reg. TO2202$2.85$1.72$1.00
960 Fairchild 7805SK3591Pos 5 Volt 1A+ Reg. Mot MC7805CP = TO127 tinned leads. Will fit same place as TO-220
All others TO220. Pax packaging.
GE 19A134717P1, 19A702360G3, 19J706032P1; EFJ 544-2003-016, 022-3902-094;
Regency 4850-0000-029; Standard HC10051060; Philips 483520987067
A suffix = 2% regulation, others = 4%
Motorola MC7805CP4; 2
Motorola T7805BT1
ST L7805ACV1
TI LM340T-5.01
964ST L7808CVSK3630Pos 8V. 1A+ Reg. 4% TO220. Pax pkg. Philips 0061247900003, 483520987125
GE Comm 19A138414G2. EF Johnson 544-2003-009. Regency 4850-0000-038
965ST L7908CVSK9168Neg 8V. 1A+ Reg. 4% TO220. Pax pkg. 1$2.85$1.72$1.00
967ECG967SK3673Neg 12Volt 1A+ Reg. TO2201$2.85$1.72$1.25
968ST L7815ACVSK3593Pos 15Volt Reg. TO220. Pax Pkg. A suffix = 2% regulation. Standard HCUA7815UC1$2.85$1.72$1.00
969ST L7915ACVSK3674Neg 15Volt 1A+ Reg. TO220. Pax pkg. A suffix indicates 2% regulation1$2.85$1.72$1.00
987Hitachi 17324SK3643Lo Pwr Op Amp DIP14. Pax pkg.2$4.75$2.85$2.10
1037RCA 740781SK3371Audio Output IC 5.5W, 10p Dip w/heat sink = HA1322C. Note: ECG1037, NTE1037 & SK nla1$39.50$26.59$19.95
1115AMot C&E
SK39177 watt Aud Out. DIP16 (12 pins plus/heatsink wings). Motorola Communications 21K80.
Motorola Comm, NTE & SK all nla
2; 1$28.65$17.20$12.90
1162Zenith 221-48SK3072Sound IF/AF PreAmp, DIP14; Also replaces Zenith 221-48-01 & ECG712 1$9.80$5.88$4.40
1508 National LM3914N-1SK763810 Step Dot-Bar Display Drvr DIP18. Pax pkg.4$15.65$9.40$2.50
1720RCA SK9983SK9983Pulse Width Modulating Regulator. DIP161$9.45$5.68$4.25
1743Sumitomo STR3035SK9996VR 135V 1A, 4 Pin SIP5. Formerly NTE15012. RCA 200960. ~ SOLD OUT0$25.90$15.55$-
1928NTE1928SK7642Pos Adj 4.5-30v Reg. 8 lead TO5 can; Note: NTE & SK nla; Sub for LM105 & LM3053$16.80$10.09$7.60
2013KEC KID65003APSK90937 chan CMOS/TTL Input Drvr DIP16. Pax pkg.1$6.85$4.11$3.10
2087NTE2087SK9813Darlington Array w/predriver DIP161$12.55$7.53$5.65
2302Horizontal Deflection Output. The link will take you directly to Philips p/n 6105690001 & 6105690002 on the Generic/Mfgs p/n Semiconductor page.
2312ST MJE13007SK10000Hi Volt Hi Speed Switch NPN TO220. Pax pkg.1$10.15$6.08$3.30
2315Fast Switching Darlington. The link will take you directly to Philips p/n 483513047451 on the Generic/Mfgs p/n Semiconductor page.
2318High Volt/High Speed Switch. The link will take you directly to Philips p/n 6105690001 & 6105690002 on the Generic/Mfgs p/n Semiconductor page.
2337High Speed Switch. The link will take you directly to Philips p/n 6190005880 & 483513047227 on the Generic/Mfgs p/n Semiconductor page.
2988SK9156SK9156VMOS N-Chan 60v 315mw 200µmhos, TO522$42.00$25.21$18.90
3003Green LED, 1.4mm. The link will take you directly to item 3003LD1 on the LED/Display page.
3008Red LED, 3mm. The link will take you directly to item 3008LD3 on the LED/Display page.
3010Green LED, 3mm. The link will take you directly to item 3010LD3 on the LED/Display page.
3011Yellow LED, 3mm. The link will take you directly to item 3011LD3 on the LED/Display page.
3016ARed & Green, 5mm. The link will take you directly to item 31668LD5R on the LED/Display page.
3020Red LED, 5mm. The link will take you directly to item 3020LD5 on the LED/Display page.
3021Yellow LED, 5mm. The link will take you directly to item 3021LD5 on the LED/Display page.
3022Red Hi Eff LED, 5mm. The link will take you directly to item 3022LD5 on the LED/Display page.
3024Green LED, 5mm. The link will take you directly to item 3024LD5 on the LED/Display page.
3115NTE3115SK211510 Segment RED Bar Display1$11.00$6.61$4.95
3160RED Rectangular LED, 3.5mm. The link will take you directly to item 3160LD3.5R on the LED/Display page.
3166RED Rectangular LED, 5mm. The link will take you directly to item 3166LD5R on the LED/Display page.
3168Yellow Rectangular LED, 5mm. The link will take you directly to item 3168LD5R on the LED/Display page.
4011BMotorola MC14011BSK4011BQuad 2 input NAND DIP14. Pax pkg.
Aerotron 4851-4011-001; GE Comm 19A134097P2; EF Johnson 523-3014-011
Regency 3130-3157-628; RCA TACTEL 445110; RCA 151589 (MSRP $1.96)
72; 27$1.95$1.16$0.50
4015BMotorola MC14015BSK4015BDual 4 stg Shift Reg DIP16. Pax pkg. GE Comm 19A134097P13, GE EW84X0891 (MSRP $16.10)2$3.55$2.13$0.80
4025BMotorola MC14025BSK4025BTriple 3 input NOR DIP14. Pax pkg.115$1.60$0.94$0.50
4028BRCA CD4028BESK4028BBCD to Dec. Decoder DIP16. Pax pkg. GE Comm 19A700029P212; 1$5.65$3.39$1.00
4051BHarris CD4051BE
SK4051BSingle 8 chan Multiplexer DIP16. Pax pkg2
4067BRCA CD4067BESK4067B16 chan Multiplexer/Demux DIP24. Pax pkg.15$8.30$5.00$2.45
4068BMotorola MC14068BSK4068B8 input NAND DIP14. Pax pkg.135$1.75$1.04$0.45
4508BMotorola MC14508BSK4508BHV Dual 4 Bit Latch DIP24. Pax pkg49$7.95$4.78$2.40
4518BMotorola MC14518BSK4518BDual BCD Up Counter DIP16. Pax pkg1$3.95$2.39$0.85
4520BRCA CD4520BESK4520BDual Binary Up Counter DIP16, Pax pkg.2$3.65$2.20$0.80
4522BECG4522BSK4522BProg divide by N, 4 bit counter DIP16. ECG in orig pkg, Motorola in Pax pkg.2$5.45$3.26$2.45
Motorola MC14522B9$1.20
4528BMotorola MC14528BALSK4098BProg divide by N, 4 bit counter DIP16. Pax pkg. Philips 532220914595 (Philips MSRP $29.40)1$6.55$3.93$1.47
4555BMotorola MC14555BSK4555BDual Binary to 1 of 4 DIP16. ~ SOLD OUT0$3.70$2.23$-
49041N6268no SKTransient Protector 7.5 (6.4v). (pre-cut - Pax pkg) same as 1.5KE7.51$2.50$1.51$0.60
5000AFC 1N5221BSK2A4Zener 2.4v 1/2w (pre-cut for PCB). Pax package. equiv GE Comm 4036887P11$1.75$1.05$0.40
5001AMS 1N5222BSK2A5Zener 2.5v 1/2w (pre-cut for PCB). Pax package.4$1.75$1.05$0.40
5005SMCentral BZX84C3V3no SKSMD SOT23 3.3v Zener, 250mw. Marking W6. Pax package.1$0.60$0.37$0.15
5006AFC 1N5227BSK3A6Zener 3.6v 1/2w (pre-cut) Pax package.1$1.75$1.05$0.40
5010AFC 1N5231BSK5A1Zener 5.1v 1/2w (pre-cut) Pax package. GE Comm 4036887P56, 19A700025P6;
Regency & Wilson: 4804-0000-031, 4808-0000-030, 4808-0000-031 & 4805-0200-305
5011A1N752ASK5A6Zener 5.6v 500mw, These are DO-7. Pax pkg. Mot C&E 48-86863A048$1.50$0.90$0.35
5013T1NAP 13-33187-39SK9969Zener 6.2v, 1/2W, 1% Precision. original Philips package. Philips MSRP $8.85
other NAP #s 483513037121, 483513037072, 483513037074, 5302541039 or 005302541039.
5014AMotorola 1N957BSK6A8Zener 6.8v, 500mw. Tinned leads. Pax okg2, 1$1.50$0.90$0.35
5015AGI DZ7.5SK7A5Zener 7.5v, 500mw. ~ SOLD OUT2, 0$1.50$0.90$-
5019AMS 1N961BSK10AZener 10v 500mw. Mot C&E 48-83624E02. ~ SOLD OUT2, 0$1.50$0.90$-
5021A1N759ASK12AZener 12v 500mw These are DO-7 and pre-cut for PCB. Pax pkg2$1.50$0.90$0.35
5033AFC 1N5254BSK27AZener 27v 1/2w (pre-cut for PCB). Pax package.1$1.50$0.90$0.35
5053AMotorola 1N741ASK130AZener 130v 1N741A is 400mw. Actual NTE is 500mw. Pax package.1$2.45$1.47$0.80
5074AZenith 103-246SK11VZener 11.0v 1w. Zenith MSRP $2.551$1.90$1.14$0.85
5077AZenith 103-252SK18VZener 18.0v 1w. Zenith MSRP $2.551$1.90$1.14$0.85
5081AMotorola 1N4749ASK24VZener 24v 1w (pre-cut for PCB) ~ SOLD OUT0$1.90$1.14$-
5085AMotorola 1N4753ASK36VZener 36v 1w (pre-cut for PCB) Pax package1$1.90$1.14$0.40
5086AECG5086ASK39VZener 39v 1w ~ SOLD OUTpk/2$3.80$2.27$-
5089APanasonic RM25 KitSK51VZener 51v, 1W DO-41. Pana p/n 6-13007A79; GE EW16X0290 (MSRP $7.95).
Kit includes 15KΩ, 1/4W resistor. In original Panasonic package
5096AECG5096ASK100VZener 100v 1wpk/2$3.80$2.27$1.70
5100AECG5100ASK150VZener 150v 1wpk/2$3.15$1.89$1.45
5125AECG5125ASK10XZener 10v 5w1$2.50$1.49$1.12
5127AECG5127ASK12XZener 12v 5w2$2.50$1.49$1.12
5133ASK18XSK18XZener 18v 5w1$2.50$1.49$1.12
5144AECG5144ASK39XZener 39v 5w1$2.50$1.49$1.12
5156AECG5156ASK100XZener 100v 5w1$2.50$1.49$1.12
5161AECG5161ASK150XZener 150v 5w1$3.85$2.31$1.75
5186ANJS 1N2498ASK138Zener 10v 10w D04. Pax package1$24.70$14.81$8.30
5197ARaytheon RE161SK160Zener 22v 10w D04, Pax package2; 1$24.70$14.81$8.30
5271AMSC 1N3327BSK572Zener 39v 50w D05 Pax package1$50.00$30.08$13.00
5312NTE5312SK3985Bridge 100v 8a, Sq Block5$7.10$4.27$3.20
5601NTE5601SK6601Triac 50v 4a TO1261$3.10$1.84$1.35
7097NAP 6126270001no SKPulse Width Modulator, DIP8.
Generic CS3843A, other Philips #s: 006126270001 & 483520917193. NAP MSRP = $14.95
7404Fairchild 7404DCSK7404Hex Inverter DIP14. GE Comm 19A116180P20. # on part 3791-01. Pax pkg.1$6.45$3.87$1.45
7414RCA SK7414SK7414Hex Schmitt Trigger DIP141$7.05$4.24$3.20
7416Signetics 7416SK7416Hex Inv, Buffer Drvr DIP14. GE Comm 19A116180P33. ~ SOLD OUT 0$2.75$1.66$-
7427TI SN7427NSK7427Triple 3 in NOR Gate DIP14. GE Comm 19A116180P45. Pax pkg.2$3.15$1.88$0.70
7476Signetics 7476SK7476J-K Flip-Flop DIP16. Pax package1$4.35$2.63$1.00
7485 Signetics N7485BSK74854 Bit Magnitude Comp. DIP16. Pax pkg1$4.95$2.96$1.10
7493ANTE7493ASK74934 Bit Binary Ctr DIP141$4.10$2.47$1.85
8213NTE8213SK901Thermal CutOff (TCO) 216°C/421°F, 15A. equiv GE 4415A5; 4$3.05$1.84$1.40
74107TI 74107NSK74107Dual JK F/F w/clr, DIP14 Pax pkg.3$2.00$1.21$0.65
74151TI SN74151NSK741518 input multiplexer, DIP16 Pax pkg.1$2.70$1.61$1.00
74160TI SN74160NSK74160Decade Counter, DIP16. Pax pkg.2$3.80$2.27$1.65
74175TI SN74175NSK74175Quad D F/F w/clr, DIP16. Pax pkg. Sony 875994175 (Sony MSRP $14.84)4$3.25$1.95$0.95
74LS00FC 54LS00DM
Mot. SN74LS00N
SK74LS00Schottky Quad 2 in NAND DIP14. Pax packaging.
GE 19A134305P1; HP 1820-1197




74LS10TI SN74LS10J
or SN74LS10N
SK74LS10Schottky Trip. 3 in NAND, DIP14. Pax pkg.GE 19A134305P91
74LS14ST T74LS14B1SK74LS14Schottky Hex Schmitt Trigger, DIP14. Pax pkg.2$3.15$1.90$1.00
74LS27ST T74LS27B1SK74LS27Triple 3 in NOR Gate DIP14. Pax pkg. GE 19A134305P192$3.55$2.13$1.10
74LS86TI SN74LS86NSK74LS86Schottky Quad Exclus. OR, DIP14. Pax pkg. GE 19A134305P412$3.05$1.86$0.95
74LS109ANS DM74LS109N
TI 74LS109N
SK74LS109Schottky Dual J-K Edge Trig F/F DIP16. Pax pkg.1
74LS123Mot. SN74LS123NSK74LS123Schottky Dual Retrig Mono Mv DIP14. Pax pkg. GE 19A134305P543$4.35$2.61$1.39
74LS153TI 74LS153PCSK74LS153Schottky Dual 4 Input Multiplexer, DIP16. Pax pkg.1$4.85$2.92$1.49
74LS175FC F74LS175PCSK74LS175Schottky Quad D F/F w/clear, DIP14. Pax pkg. GE Comm 19A134305P761$10.65$6.38$2.99
74LS196ST T74LS196B1
SK74LS196Presettable Decade Counter, DIP14. Pax pkg.2
74LS244SG 74LS244NSK74LS244Schottky, Octal 3 State Drvr, DIP20. Pax pkg1$7.40$4.45$1.65
74LS374Mot SN74LS374N
TI 74LS374N
SK1918Schottky Octal 3 State F/F, DIP20. Pax pkg.1
2; 1
74S64TI SN74S64Jnone4-2-3-2 Input AND/OR Gate, DIP14. Pax pkg1$2.10$1.26$0.75
74S140TI SN74S140JnoneUltra HiSpd 4 input NAND Line Drvr, DIP14. Pax pkg.1$5.25$3.16$1.15
75451BTI SN75451BPSK9807Dual Peripheral Drvrs, DIP8. Pax pkg.6$2.45$1.47$0.55
75453BTI SN75453BPSK9827Dual Peripheral Drvrs, DIP8. Pax pkg.3$2.50$1.50$0.55
GE-22no ECGno SKGeneral Purpose Amp, PNP Si, Vceo 25v, 500ma, 500mw. RO-110 Epoxy;
Between 2N3638 & 2N3638A (both TO-105 epoxy).
SK3088similar to old ECG110A30v 50ma General Purpose Ge Diode4; 3$3.10$1.88$1.41
SK9505no similar ECG or NTE-150v 60w P chan Power FET TO2201$10.00$6.55$4.91
Zenith 103-287sim NTE558sim SK3998Fast Recovery 1.5KV, 1A ~ SOLD OUT0$6.30$4.41$-
Zenith 121-19 usim ECG102Asim SK3004AF PreAmp, PNP Ge, 3 short leads in row for socket/PCB insertion; A101 Outline
Exact: R-16 (Texas Instr. old number sys)
Sim to 2N407: Vcbo -20V, IC 70ma, Pt 150mw, hfe 65, Frq Aud
Zenith 121-48sim ECG126Asim SK3008RF/IF Amp/Osc/Mix, PNP Ge, 3 short leads in row for socket/PCB insertion, TO-40
Sim elect. specs to 2N371: Vcbo -24V, IC 10ma, Pt 80mw, hfe 80, Frq 30MHz.
Zenith 121-134sim ECG160sim SK3006RF/IF Amp/Osc/Mix, PNP Ge, 4 short leads in row for socket/PCB insertion; TO-7/TO-45
Equiv to 2N1177: Vcbo -30V, IC 10ma, Pt 80mw, hfe 100, Frq 140MHz
Zenith 121-135sim ECG160sim SK3006RF/IF Amp/Osc/Mix, PNP Ge, 4 short leads in row for socket/PCB insertion; TO-7/TO-45
Equiv to 2N1178: Vcbo -30V, IC 10ma, Pt 80mw, hfe 40, Frq 140MHz
Zenith 121-228sim ECG126sim SK3003ARF/IF Amp/Osc/Mix, PNP Ge, TO-9. 3 short leads in 180° arc for socket/PCB insertion.
TO-9 sim elect specs to 2N1742: Vcbo -20V, IC 50ma, Pt 60mw, hfe 36, Frq 120MHz
Zenith 121-350sim ECG160sim SK3006RF/IF Amp/Osc/Mix, PNP Ge, 4 short leads in row for socket/PCB insertion, TO-7/TO-45 ~ SOLD OUT0$8.55$5.35$-
Zenith 121-351sim ECG160sim SK3006RF/IF Amp/Osc/Mix, PNP Ge, 4 short leads in row for socket/PCB insertion, TO-7/TO-45 ~ SOLD OUT0$13.95$8.75$-
Zenith 121-360sim ECG126sim SK3003ARF/IF Amp/Osc/Mix, PNP Ge, 3 short leads in 180° arc for socket/PCB insertion, TO-51$14.30$8.95$6.70
Zenith 121-384sim ECG160sim SK3006RF/IF Amp/Osc/Mix, PNP Ge, TO-33. 4 short leads in 360° arc for socket/PCB insertion;
TO-33 is 4 pin TO-5/TO-39
Zenith 121-746sim OLD ECG323
or NTE16004
sim SK9369Gen. Purp. Amp, PNP Si, Vceo 75v, 2A, Pd=10W@ Tc=25C, 1W @ Ta=25C; 50Mhz.
1 - Early version: RO-110 Epoxy Type; 1 - Late Version: TO-39; Sim to 2N5322
Zenith 121-748no ECGno SKGen. Purp. Amp, NPN Si, Vceo 40v, 500ma, 300mw, 60MHz; TO-105 Epoxy, Sim to 2N3567 pkg/2$11.10$7.00$5.20
Zenith 212-68sim ECG506Sim SK3998/558B Boost Rectifier1$6.65$4.05$3.05
Zenith 800-256ECG124SK3021Transistor Kit, Replaces 121-912; NPN Si, TO-66.
Kit includes Mica Insulator, 205-51 (ECG303) Heat Conducting Grease & Yel/Green Voltage Dependent Resistor (VDR).
Zenith 800-401ECG157SK3747Transistor Kit, Replaces 121-911; NPN Si, TO-126.
Includes 83-7552 Mica Insulator, 205-51 (ECG303) Heat Conducting Grease & 63-5440 (Workman FR1039 1ma@68v) Volt Dep Resistor (VDR).
Zenith 800-767ECG152SK3893Transistor Kit, Replaces 121-966-01; 921-498, NPN Si, TO-220. Kit includes:
Mylar TO220 Insulator, Nylon screw insulator & 205-51 (ECG303) Heat Conducting Grease.
3; 1$8.95$5.40$4.00

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