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Next time you look for a tube using your favorite search engine, enter the type, space and the word pax. (example: M2642-419 pax).
That will bring us up as one of the 1st pages instead of 1000th or something.


The dealer net info comes from catalogs like Newark, Allied, Richardson, MCM , CEI etc.

A small 'u' after the type number indicates used tube.
Clicking on an underlined 'use' or 'try' recommendation will take you to that suggested replacement. Your back button will return you.

# = record#
* = remarked


use 7AF7
M2462-209C6BF7; use 6BF7W
M2462-218CDY70; use 5642
M2462-220use 6BF7W
M2462-221use 5642
M2462-2256021; try 6BF7W
M2462-228use 6112
M2462-402use 6C4
M2462-406use EF91
M2462-408AEB91; use 6AL5 family
M2462-408BEAA91; use 6AL5 family
M2462-4106F33; use 6AS6 or 409A
M2462-412EBC90; use 6AT6
M2462-413EK90; use 6BE6
M2462-414EF93; use 6BA6
M2462-415ECC81; use 12AT7
M2462-416use 9002
M2462-417use 9003
M2462-419DK91; use 1R5
M2462-420DAF91; use 1S5
M2462-421DF91; use 1T4
M2462-422DL93; use 3A4
M2462-425DL92; use 3S4
M2462-426EF95; use any of 6AK5 family
M2462-427ECC91; use any of 6J6/A/WA/WB families
M2462-430use 6AK6
M2462-432EL90; use any of 6AQ5 family
M2462-435HL92; use 50C5 family
M2462-437ECC82; use 12AU7 family
M2462-438ECC83; use 12AX7 family
M2462-439CHF94; use 12AU6
M2462-442DL94; use 3V4
M2462-443EF96; use 6AG5
M2462-4446F36; use 6AH6
M2462-445E95F (6AK5W); use any of 5654 or 5654/6AK5W families
M2462-446D28; use 6AQ6
M2462-447use 6AR5
M2462-4486RR8; 6AS6 or 409A
M2462-449EF94; use 6AU6 or 6AU6A families
M2462-450EBC91; use 6AV6
M2462-451E90F (7693); use 6BH6 or 6661
M2462-452use E99F (7694); use 6BJ6 or 6662
M2462-453CEF190; use 6CB6, 6CB6A or 6CF6
M2462-454EZ90; use any of 6X4 families
M2462-4566005 (6AQ5W); use 6005/6AQ5/6095 families
M2462-4575725 (6AS6W): 6AS6 or 409A
M2462-458C6136 (6AU6W); use 6AU6 or 6AU6A families
M2462-459use 6BC5 or 6CE5
M2462-4605670 (2C51); use 5670 families
M2462-4625814; use 5814A
M2462-4635749 (6BA6W); use 6BA6
M2462-4645750 (6BE6W); use 6BE6
M2462-4655751; try 12AX7 family
M2462-46612AU7W (E82CC); use 6189
M2462-4676AN5; use 6AN5 or 6AN5WA
M2462-476use 5763
M2462-478use any of 5726 families
M2462-479E81CC; use 12AT7 or 12AT7WA
M2462-4802C51; use 5670 families
M2462-4826X4W; use 6X4W or 6X4WA
M2462-484CEF80; use 6BX6
M2462-488CEF85 (6BY7); use 6BX6
M2462-490C6062; use 5763
M2462-491C6064; use EF91
M2462-492C6058 (EAA91); use 6AL5
M2462-498EK90; use 6BE6
M2462-502CEL84; use 6BQ5
M2462-503use 6AJ5
M2462-5046101 (6J6WA); use 6J6WA or 6J6WB
M2462-5056AU6WA; use 6AU6A
M2462-507C2C51L; use 5670 families
M2462-509C6927 (6J6L); try any of 6J6 family
M2462-5125814; use 5814A
M2462-513C5591; use 5654 or 6AK5 families
M2462-514CE90F (6265); use 6BH6 or 6661 parallel fil only
M2462-515CECH81; use ECH81 or 6AJ8
M2462-517CVX6097 (6F33spec); try 6AS6 or 409A
M2462-519CEABC80 (6AK8); use 6T8 or 6T8A
M2462-520EC92; use 6AB4
M2462-521CECC85; use 6AQ8
M2462-522CEF89; use 6DA6
M2462-523CEZ80; use EZ80 or 6V4
M2462-525Cuse 6AN8 or 6AN8A
M2462-526CECC180; use any of 6BQ7 or 6BQ7A family
M2462-527Cuse 6CL6 or 6677/6CL6
M2462-528CECF82; use 6U8, 6U8A or ECF82 families
M2462-529Cuse 12B4 or 12B4A
M2462-5306072; use 12AY7 parallel fil only
M2462-531C1X2A; use 1X2A or 1X2A/1X2B
M2462-5345687; use 5687WA or CK5687WA
M2462-540CEL90; use any of 6AQ5 family
M2462-542CE88CC (6922); try 6DJ8/ECC88 para fil only
M2462-545DAF92; use 1U5
M2462-546CECF80; use 6BL8
M2462-5486F33spec; try 6AS6 or 409A
M2462-549CEZ81; use 6CA4
M2462-550F-6064; use EF91
M2462-602E1C; use 955 or VT-121
M2462-605D1C; use 957
M2462-812use 7B7
M2462-8141LC6; use 1LA6
M2462-815use 1LH4
M2462-816use 1LN5
M2462-8173B7; use 1291
M2462-819use 7A6
M2462-8207A8; use 7B8 parallel fil only
M2462-821use 7B5
M2462-822use 7C5
M2462-826use 7N7
M2462-827use 7V7
M2462-831use 7A4
M2462-832use 7C7
M2462-833use 1R4
M2462-834use 7B6
M2462-8447AG7; use 7AH7
M2462-845use 7F8
M2462-853use 7C6
M2463-052ECC32 (6SN7G); use 6SN7GT or 6SN7GTB
M2463-057use 12A6
M2463-058use 12AH7GT
M2463-060use 6AC7
M2463-061use 12SG7
M2463-0655R4GY; use 5R4GYB
M2463-066GZ32 (5AQ4); use 5V4G or 5V4GA
M2463-0702C22; use 7193
M2463-072DL33 (N16); use 3Q5GT
M2463-073use 6J8G
M2463-0875U4G; use 5U4GA, 5U4GB or 5AS4
M2463-090EL37; use 6L6GC
M2463-0916L6G; use 6L6GC
M2463-092use 6L6 metal
M2463-100use 1626
M2463-103DY30; use any of 1B3GT family
M2463-104use 5T4
M2463-1065W4GT; use 5Y3GT
M2463-1085Y4GT; use 5Y4G
M2463-109use 6AG7
M2463-110use 6C8G
M2463-111use 6F8G
M2463-112use 6G6G
M2463-116use 6SL7GT
M2463-117use 6SL7GT or 6SN7GTB
M2463-1186SS7; use 6SK7 parallel fil only
M2463-130CEL34; use 6CA7
M2463-137use 0Z4
M2463-138use 1A5GT
M2463-139use 12SN7GT or 12SN7GTA
M2463-148use 12C8
M2463-14912C8spec; try 12C8
M2463-153use 12J5GT
M2463-156use 12SA7
M2463-157use 12SA7GT
M2463-15812SJ7GT; use 12SJ7
M2463-159use 12SJ7
M2463-160use 12SK7
M2463-16112SK7GT, use 12SK7
M2463-166use 2E26
M2463-1671635 (GT size); try 6Y7G (size)
M2463-16825L6; use 25L6GT or 25W6GT
M2463-169use 25L6GT or 25W6GT
M2463-172C35L6, try 35L6GT
M2463-173use 35L6GT
M2463-174C35Z5, try 35Z5GT
M2463-175use 35Z5GT
M2463-179use 5Y3GT
M2463-179D5Y3G; use 5Y3GT
M2463-1805Z4 metal; use 5Z4 metal
M2463-181C5Z4GT (GZ30); use 5Z4 or 5Z4G (size)
M2463-181D5Z4G; use 5Z4G or 5Z4
M2463-185use 6AS7G
M2463-189use 6B8G
M2463-1906C5; use 6C5, VT-65 or 6J5
M2463-1916C5GT; use 6C5, VT-65, 6J5 or 6J5GT
M2463-193use 6F5GT
M2463-196use 6H6
M2463-1976H6GT; use 6H6
M2463-1986J5; use 6J5 or 6C5
M2463-1996J5GT; use 6J5 or 6J5GT
M2463-200use 6J7
M2463-2016J7GT; use 6J7
M2463-202use 6K6GT
M2463-203use 6K7
M2463-2046K7GT; use 6K7 or 6K7G
M2463-2066K8GT; try 6K8G
M2463-208use 6L7G
M2463-209use 6N7
M2463-2106N7GT; use 6N7
M2463-210EECC31 (6N7G); use 6N7
M2463-2116Q7, try 6T7G/6Q6G para fil only
M2463-2126Q7GT, try 6T7G/6Q6G para fil only
M2463-215use 6SA7
M2463-216use 6SA7GT
M2463-217use 6SC7
M2463-2186SC7GT; use 6SC7
M2463-219use 6SF5
M2463-220use 6SF5GT
M2463-221use 6SH7
M2463-222use 6SH7GT
M2463-223use 6SJ7
M2463-223D6SJ7Y; use 6SJ7
M2463-224use 6SJ7GT
M2463-225use 6SK7
M2463-2266SK7GT, use 6SK7
M2463-2276SN7WGT, use 6SN7GT or 6SN7GTB
M2463-228use 6SQ7
M2463-2296SQ7GT; use 6SQ7
M2463-2306SU7GTY; use 6SL7GT
M2463-232use 6S7G
M2463-2336U6GT; use 6Y6GT parallel fil only
M2463-235use 6V6GT
M2463-237use 6X5GT
M2463-238use 6Y6GT
M2463-241use 50L6GT
M2463-243use 6SR7GT
M2463-24512A6GT; use 12A6
M2463-245D12A6GTY; use 12A6
M2463-2491J5G; use 1G5G
M2463-2525692 (6SN7GTspecRed); try 6SN7GT or 6SN7GTB
M2463-254use 6AB7
M2463-255CECC35; use 6SL7GT parallel fil only
M2463-2565691 (6SL7GTspecRed); try 6SL7GT
M2463-259C5W4G; use 5Y3GT
M2463-2656080; use 6AS7G (fit?)
M2463-266C(5AR4); use GZ34
M2463-2675852; try 6X5GT parallel fil only
M2463-269CW61; use 6K7G
M2463-272use 12SQ7
M2463-2735693 (6SJ7specRed); try 6SJ7
M2463-2746L6WGB; use 6L6GC
M2463-2775R4WGA, use 5R4GYB
M2463-2786080WA, try 6AS7G (fit?)
M2463-279use 6BQ6GT family
M2463-280Cuse 6AU5GT
M2463-281Cuse 6BL7GT or 6BL7GTA
M2463-2836146; use 6146B
M2463-601use 807
M2463-6095Z3; use 83
M2463-610use 6B7
M2463-611use 6D6
M2463-619EQQE06-40; use 5894
M2463-621350A; use 807
M2463-624use 2X2 or 2X2A
M2463-626use 30
M2463-627use 37
M2463-629use 42
M2463-63156; use 27
M2463-634use 75
M2463-635use 76
M2463-636use 80
M2463-6443B24; use 3B24W
M2463-648use 89
M2463-650use 6C6
M2463-6525X3; use 80
M2463-6606L6WGA; use 6L6GC
M2463-6635933 (807W); use 807
M2463-6653B24WA; use 3B24W
M2465-616use 83
M2465-619PL2D21; use 2D21 or 5727
M2465-6203C45; use 6130/3C45
M2465-6215C22; use CV6022/8503
M2465-6242050; use 2050A
M2465-640use 5727
M2465-653use 6130/3C45
M2465-677721A; use 721B
M2465-6791B24; use 1B24A
M2465-703use 721B
M2465-856use 0A2
M2465-857use 0B2 or 0B2WA
M2465-859use 0D3
M2465-86485A2; use 5651A
M2465-867use 0C3
M2465-8856074; use 0B2WA
M2465-8866073 (0A2WA); use 0A2
M2465-892OA2WA; use 0A2
M2465-895use 0B2WA
M2466-302use 2K25
M2466-303C723A-B; use 2K25
M8063use EF91
M80795726/6AL5W; use any of 5726 family
M80806C4W; use 6C4
M80816J6WA, use 6J6WA or 6J6WB
M8083QA2403; use EF91
M8096QE03-10; use 5763
M809885A2; use 5651A
M8100E95F; use any of 5654 family
M8101EF93; use 6BA6
M8136E82CC (12AU7WA); use 6189 or 12AU7A
M8137E83CC (6181); use 12AX7A
M8138E90Z (6202); use 6X4W or 6X4WA or any of 6X4/EZ90 families
M8144F-6060 (6201): use 12AT7 or 12AT7WA
M8149F-6067; use 6189 or 12AU7A
M8162E81CC; use 12AT7 or 12AT7WA
M8196use 6AS6 or 409A
M8204PL2D21; use 2D21 or 5727
M8212E91AA; use any of 5726/6AL5W family
M8223OA2WA; use 0A2
M8224use 0B2WA
M8237use any of 5726/6AL5W family
M8245EL90; use any of 6AQ5 or 6AQ5A family
ME1100723A-B; use 2K25
ME15012050; use 2050A

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