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Search Engine Hint
Next time you look for a tube using your favorite search engine, enter the type, space and the word pax. (example: PCL83 pax).
That will bring us up as one of the 1st pages instead of 1000th or something.


The dealer net info comes from catalogs like Newark, Allied, Richardson, MCM , CEI etc.

A small 'u' after the type number indicates used tube.
Clicking on an underlined 'use' or 'try' recommendation will take you to that suggested replacement. Your back button will return you.

# = record#
* = remarked


use 3Q5GT
N16DL33; use 3Q5GT
N17DL92; use 3S4
N19DL94; use 3V4
N30ELuse 6LF6
N63use 6K6GT
N66EL37 (6L6G); use 6L6GC
N119UL84; use 45B5
N148use 7C5
N308PL36; use PL36 or 25E5
N378use 15CW5
N379PL84; use 15CW5
N38925GF6; try 25E5 or PL36
N709EL84; use 6BQ5
N727EL90; use any of 6AQ5, 6AQ5A or 6AQ5A/6HG5 families
NL840 / 8754NationalNixieNewexcellentblueUSA7846NAT1# excell.2$28.00over $100 @ Richardson
$35 @ TubeSurplus
NL840VRNationalNixieNewexcellentblueUSA7136STAN4# excell.1$26.00over $100 @ Rich
NL843 / CK1907NationalNixieNewexcellentblueUSA7129STAN4#v.good1$26.00$88.30 @ Rich
NAT2# excell.3
$28.00$79.00 @ Rich
NL8042use 8042/4652
NR49EF36; use 6J7 parallel fil only
NR64KTW61; use 6K7G
NR67ARH1 (6L7); try 6L7G (size)
NR686Q7; try 6Q7G (size)
NR73ECC31 (6N7G); use 6N7
NR77EL35 (6L6G); use 6L6GC
NR786C5G; use 6C5
NR78A6J5G; use 6J5 or 6J5GT
NR81use 6K7G
NR83KTZ63; use 6J7G
NR86KTW63; use 6J7
NR95KT32 (25L6G); use 25L6GT or 25W6GT
NU20 RectifierU50; use 5Y3GT family
NX230 (S)National UnionTNewv.goodetchedUSANUNU2v.good1$40.00$55.00
same as 30 (Triode - 4D Base; S Bulb)
OA2use 0A2
OB2use 0B2
OBC3use 12SQ7
OC3use 0C3
OD3use 0D3
OF16S7, try 6S7G (size)
OM3EB34; use 6H6 (parallel fil only)
OM5EF36; use 6J7 (parallel fil only)
OM6EF39; use 6K7 (parallel fil only)
OSW2025ECC91; use 6J6 or 6J6A
OSW2190use 6AC7
OSW2192use 6AG7
OSW2600use 6AC7
OSW2601use 6AG7
OSW3104use 6SA7
OSW3105use 6SQ7
OSW31066V6; use 6V6GT
OSW3107use 5Z4 metal
OSW3108use 6L6 metal
OSW3109use 6H6
OSW3111use 6SK7
OSW31126J5; use 6J5 or 6C5
OSW31166X5; use 6X5GT
OSW3127use 6SJ7
OSW3128use 6SH7
OSW3129use 6SN7GT or 6N7GTB
OSW3132use any of 6AK5 family
OZ4use 0Z4
P2-40use 3E29
P17Ause 807
PAuse 41
PC934BS4 (3AF4A); use 3DZ4/3AF4A
PC95use 4GK5
PC973FY5 (3FQ5/A); use 3GK5
PC900use 4HA5
PCC82use 7AU7
PCC85use 9AQ8
PCC88/7DJ8 ~ Sold Out both Amperex and Mullard
PCC186use 7AU7
PCC189use 7ES8/PCC189
PCF808A8; use 9A8/8A8
PCF829U8; use 9A8/8A8
PCF867HG8/8HG8; use 7HG8/PCF86
PCF801use 8GJ7/PCF801
PCF802use 9JW8
PCF8069GJ7, use 8GJ7/PCF801
PCL84use 15DQ8
PF9use 6K7
PH46A8; try 6A8G (size)
PL2D21M8204; use 2D21 or 5727
PL212D21; use 2D21 or 5727
PL36/ 25E5IEC-Mullard1022NewexcellentwhiteGt. Britain840INT2#good1$5.95$9.85
use also 25E5/PL36
PL8216A5; use 15CW5/PL84
PL84use 15CW5/PL84
PL1746587; try CV-6022/8503
PL30225GF6; try PL36/25E5 or 25E5/PL36
PL500use 27GB5/PL500
PL50427GB5/PL504; use 27GB5/PL500
PL50540KG6/PL505; use 40KG6A/PL509
PL509use 40KG6A/PL509
PL51940KG6A/PL519; use 40KG6A/PL509
PL521use 29KQ6/PL521
PL5225C22; use CV-6022/8503
PL5727use 5727/2D21W
PM04EF93; use 6BA6
PM05EF95; use 6AK5 family
PM076AM6; use EF91
PM95use 6AK6
PY88use 30AE3
PY50042EC4; use 42EC4A/PY500
PY500A42EC4A; use 42EC4A/PY500
PZuse 47
QA2401M8080 (6C4W); use 6C4
QA2403M8083; use EF91
QA2404EAA91; use 6AL5
QA2406ECC81; use 12AT7
QA2407EZ90; use 6X4 or EZ90
QA24085692; use 6SN7GT or 6SN7GTB
QB656SN7GT; use 6SN7GT or 6SN7GTB
QB309ECC81; use 12AT7 family
QB329ECC82; use 12AU7 or 12AU7A families
QB339ECC83; use 12AX7 or 12AX7A families
QC05-35use 8042
QD77D77; use D77, 6EB5 or any of shorter 6AL5 families
QE03-10use 5763
QE05-406146; use 6146B
QE05-40F6883; use 6883A
QE05-40K8032; use 6883B/8032A/8552
QE06-50use 807
QEL2-275use 4CX250B
QK505C22; use CV-6022/8503
QL77use 6C4
QL1342C48; use 7C5
QM328use 5686
QM556 use 6X4W or 6X4WA
QM557use 5654/6AK5W family
QM5585725; use 409A or 6AS6
QM5595726; use 5726/6AL5W, CK5726 or GB5726 families
QQE02-5use 6939
QQE06-40use 5894
QQV02-6use 6939
QQV06-40Ause 5894
QQV07-40829B; try 3E29
QQV5-P10use 3E29
QS83-30G3; use 5651A
QS1206use 0C3
QS1207use 0A2
QS1208use 0B2 or 0B2WA
QS12090G3; use 5651A
QS12100A2WA; use 0A2
QS12110B2WA; use 0B2 or 0B2WA
QS1212M8098 (85A2); use 5651A
QS2404M8079 (5726); use 5726/6AL5W, CK5726 or GB5726 families
QS2406M8162 (6201); use 12AT7 or 12AT7WA
QU78EZ90; use 6X4 or EZ90
QV03-12use 5763
QV05-10use 2E26
QV05-25QE06-50; use 807
QV06-20QE05-40 (6146/A); use 6146B
QV2-250B/CQEL2-275; use 4CX250B
QX212D21; use 5727/2D21W
QZ77use EF91
R11V1907; use VU111S
R191X2A; use 1X2A, 1X2A/1X2B, 1X2B or 1X2C/1BX2
R525Z4G; use 5Z4 metal
R1446AM6; use EF91
R6008use 5Z4 metal
R6130use 45Z3
R62002D21; use 5727/2D21W
R62882D21D; use 5727/2D21W
RE1use 80
REL301B24; use 1B24A
REL31723A/B (KS9-20); use 2K25
REL39use 6AC7
REL411853; use 6AC7
RHK6332use 723A-B; use 2K25
RK2K25use 2K25
RK3B24 or RK3B24Wuse 3B24W
RK39use 807
RK60806080; try 6AS7G (fit)
RL212D21; use 2D21 or 5727/2D21W
RS2use 5Z4 metal
RYC22012C51; use 5670, CK5670 or GB-5670 parallel fil only
S6F12use EF91
S856use 0A2
S860use 0B2 or 0B2WA
S901C5651; use 5651A
S2001use 6146B
SD742use 1LN5
SE3841use 80
SE3872use 30 or NX230
SE3894use 24A
SE446535; use 35/51
SE4611use 37
SE4612use 38
SM150-30use 0A2
SN7use 1B3GT family
SN956Buse 5642
SP66AM6; use EF91
SR20G3; use 5651A
SR55use 0B2 or 0B2WA
SR56use 0A2
STR85-100G3; use 5651A
STR108/30use 0B2 or 0B2WA
STR150/30use 0A2
STV85-100G3; use 5651A
STV108/30use 0B2 or 0B2WA
STV150/30use 0A2
SV6L6GCuse 6L6GC
T2M05use 6J6A
T77use 6C6
TE55852; try 6X5GT parallel fil only
TE216385; try 5670, CK5670 or GB-5670 parallel fil only
TE226106; use 6087 or 5Y3GT family
TE456853; use 6087 or 5Y3GT family
TE476854; try 5670, CK5670 or GB-5670 parallel fil only
TE546900; use 5687WA or CK5687WA
TE905R4WGB; use 5R4GYB
TE935R4WGA; use 5R4GYB
TH2225use 2K25
TH31241B24; use 1B24A
TH65225C22; use CV-6022/8503
TR3SWREL30; use 1B24A
TS51EF95; use any of 6AK5, 6AK5/EF95 or 6AK5W/5654 familes
TS52ECC91; use any of 6J6, 6J6A, 6J6WA or 6J6WB families
TS195use 1S5
TS2295687; use 5687WA or CK5687WA
TTZ63use 6J7
TXM1002D21; use 5727/2D21W
U27V1907; use VU111S
U41use 1B3GT, 1B3GT/1G3GT, 1G3GT/1B3GT or 1G3GTA/1B3GT
U505Y3G; use 5Y3GT family
U515W4GT; use 5Y3GT family
U525U4G; use 5U4GA, 5U4GB or 5AS4A
U545AR4; use GZ34
U70use 6X5GT
U775AR4; use GZ34
U78use 6X4 families or EZ90
U1476X5G; use 6X5G or 6X5GT
U707EZ90; use 6X4 families or EZ90
U709EZ81; use 6CA4
UL84use 45B5/UL84
UL8645CW5; use 45B5/UL84
UN955use 955 or VT-121
UU12U709; use 6CA4
UX213use 80
UX227use 27
UX2376X5G; use 6X5G or 6X5GT
UX280use 80
UY22424; use 24A except as osc.
UY224Ause 24A
UY807use 807
V2M70EZ90; use 6X4 families or EZ90
V741EC90; use 6C4
V1042ZP315; use 5Z4 metal
V1907AU5; use VU111S
VCR519ZP315; use 5Z4 metal
VP12Duse 12C8
VR53EF39; use 6K7G (parallel fil only)
VR56EF36; use 6J7G (parallel fil only)
VR59HA2; use 955 or VT-121
VR676J5G; use 6J5 or 6J5GT
VR100KTW62; use 6K7
VR105; VR105-30use 0C3
VR150; VR150-30use 0D3
VR502KT-32 (25L6G); use 25L6GT or 25W6GT
VT-27use 30
VT-28use 24A
VT-29use 27
VT-31use 31
VT-35use 35/51
VT-37use 37
VT-38use 38
VT-47use 47
VT-48use 41
VT-49use 39/44
VT-54use 34
VT-5656; use 27
VT60/A(RAF)use 807
use also 6C5 or 6J5
VT-65A6C5G; use 6C5 or 6J5 or 6J5GT
VT-68use 6B7
VT-69use 6D6
VT-70use 6F7
VT-74use 5Z4 metal
VT74(RAF)use 6J7
VT-75use 75
VT-76use 76
VT-7777; use 6C6
VT-78use 78
VT-80use 80
VT-83use 83
VT-86use 6K7
VT-86Ause 6K7G
VT-86B6K7GT; use 6K7
VT-876L7; try 6L7G (siize/shield)
VT-87Ause 6L7G
VT-89use 89
VT-90use 6H6
VT-90A6H6GT; use 6H6
VT-91use 6J7
VT-91A6J7GT; use 6J7
VT-926Q7; try 6Q7G size
VT-92Ause 6Q7G
VT-936B8; try 6B8G size
VT-93Ause 6B8G
VT-946J5; use 6J5; 6C5 or VT-65
VT-94A6J5G; use 6J5 or 6J5GT
VT-94Bselected 6J5; try 6J5
VT-94Cselected 6J5G; try 6J5 or 6J5GT
VT-94D6J5GT; use 6J5, 6J5GT, 6C5 or VT-65
VT-96use 6N7
VT-975W4; use 5Y3GT family
VT-99use 6F8G
VT-100use 807
VT-100A807 Modified; try 807
VT-103use 6SQ7
VT-104use 12SQ7
VT-105use 6SC7
VT-107Ause 6V6GT
VT-1092051; use 2050A
VT-112use 6AC7
VT-114use 5T4 metal
VT-115use 6L6 metal
VT-115A6L6G; use 6L6GC
VT-116use 6SJ7
VT-116Ause 6SJ7GT
VT-116B6SJ7Y; use 6SJ7
VT-117use 6SK7
VT-117A6SK7GT; use 6SK7
VT-119use 2X2/879 or 2X2A
VT-121 / 955GE-NewexcellentsilverUSA53-45PAX1excellent1$3.65$20.00
use also 955 for 2 pack
VT-124use 1A5GT
VT-1266X5; use 6X5GT
VT-126Ause 6X5G
VT-126Buse 6X5GT
VT-131use 12SK7
VT-134use 12A6
VT-135use 12J5GT
VT-137use 1626
VT-139use 0D3
VT-1455Z3; use 83
VT-146use 1N5GT
VT-149use 3A8GT
VT-150use 6SA7
VT-150Ause 6SA7GT
VT-151use 6A8G
VT-152use 6K6GT
VT-152A6K6G; use 6K6GT
VT-15312C8Y; use 12C8
VT154(Brit)6J5; use 6J5, 6C5 or VT-65
VT159(Brit)use 80
VT160(Brit)use 6D6
VT161(Brit)use 6C6
VT-161use 12SA7
VT-162use 12SJ7
VT162(Brit)use 6B7
VT163(Brit)use 42
VT-163use 6C8G
VT-167Ause 6K8G
VT-168Ause 6Y6G or 6Y6GA
VT-169use 12C8
VT-171use 1R5
VT-172use 1S5
VT-173use 1T4
VT-174use 3S4
VT-176use 6AB7
VT-177use 1LH4
VT-179use 1LN5
VT-1823B7; use 1291
VT-183use 1R4
VT-192use 7A4
VT-193use 7C7
VT193(Brit)6S7; use 6S7G
VT195(Brit)use 5Z4 metal
VT196(Brit)6V6G; use 6V6GT
VT-197Ause 5Y3GT family
VT198(Brit)KT66 (6L6G); use 6L6GC
VT-198Ause 6G6G
VT-1996SS7; use 6SK7 parallel fil only
VT199(Brit)use 807
VT-200use 0C3
VT-201C25L6GT; use 25L6GT or 25W6GT
VT-202use 9002
VT-203use 9003
VT-2056ST7; use 6SR7GT parallel fil only
VT-206A5V4G; use 5V4G or 5V4GA
VT-207use 12AH7GT
VT-208use 7B8
VT-208A7B8LM; try 7B8
VT-209use 12SG7
VT-2116SG7; use 6SH7
VT-213Ause 6L5G
VT-221use 3Q5GT
VT-223use 1H5GT
VT-229use 6SL7GT
VT-231use 6SN7GT
VT-2336SR7; use 6SR7GT
VT-237use 957
VT-2437C4; use 1203A
VT-2445U4G; use 5U4GA, 5U4GB or 5AS4A
VT-2452050; use 2050A
VT-247use 6AG7
VT-28812SH7; use 12SG7
VT-289use 12SL7GT
VU71(RAF)5U4; use 5U4GA, 5U4GB or 5AS4A
VU111use VU111S
VX3750G3 (85A2); use 5651A
VX2527use 5C22; use CV-6022/8503
VX60976F33 special; use 6AS6 or 409A
use also 1T4
W61KTW62; use 6K7
W63KTW63; use 6K7G
W81use 7A7
W143EF22; use 7B7 parallel fil only
W147EF39; use 6K7 parallel fil only
W1487H7; use 7A7
W149use 7B7
W719EF85 (6BY7); use 6BX6
W727EF93; use 6BA6
W7396F18 (6EC7); use 6BX6 parallel fil only
WD709EBF80 (6N8), use 6DC8/EBF89
WL630; WL630A2051; use 2050A
WT210-0001use 2D21 or 5727/2D21W
WT210-00042050; use 2050A
WT210-0006use 6H6
WT210-0011use 0C3
WT2100012use 80
WT21000135Z3; use 83
WT2100018use 0D3
WT2100019use 83
WT210-00216X5G; use 6X5G or 6X5GT
WT210-0025use 117Z6GT
WT210-0028use 3Q5GT
WT210-0029use 6C5, VT-65 or 6J5
WT2100040EZ90; use 6X4, 6X4W, 6X4WA or EZ90
WT21000425Y3G; use 5Y3GT family
WT21000485U4G; use 5U4GA, 5U4GB or 5AS4A
WT210-0051use 0A2
WT210-0060use 0Z4
WT210-0077use 5727
WT210-0081use 6SJ7
WT210-00826V6; use 6V6GT
WT210-0084use 6N7
WT210-0085use 50B5
WT210-00876K8, try 6K8G
WT210-0088use 6J5
WT210-0089use 6G6G
WT210-0090use 6C6
WT210-0137502A (metal); try 2050A (glass)
WT2462050; use 2050A
WT261use 6H6
WT269use 0C3
WT270use 80
WT270X5Z3; use 83
WT274B5R4GY; use 5R4GYB
WT294use 0D3
WT301use 83
WT308use 6X5GT
WT377use 117Z6GT
WT3893Q5G; use 3Q5GT
WT3906C5; use 6C5, VT-65 or 6J5
WT606use 2D21 or 5727/2D21W
WTT100use 6X4, 6X4W, 6X4WA or EZ90
WTT102use 5Y3GT family
WTT103use 6H6
WTT114use 0Z4
WTT122use 6SJ7
WTT1236V6; use 6V6GT
WTT1256N7GT; use 6N7
WTT126use 50B5
WTT1286K8, try 6K8G (size)
WTT1296J5; use 6J5, 6C5 or VT-65
WTT130use 6G6G
WTT131use 6C6
WTT1355U4G; use 5U4GA, 5U4GB or 5AS4A
WX31991B24; use 1B24A
X14DK32; use 1A7GT
X17DK91; use 1R5
X61use 6K8G
X63use 6A8G
X64use 6L7G
X73use 6D8G parallel fil only
X77EK90; use 6BE6
X107use 18FX6 or 18FX6A
X1556BZ8; use 6BZ8 or 6BC8
X719ECH81; use ECH81 or 6AJ8
X727EK90; use 6BE6
X1730use 6W4GT
X60111B24; use 1B24A
XAA91use 3AL5
XB91use 3AL5
XBC90use 3AT6
XBC91use 3AV6
XC95use 2ER5
XC97use 2FY5
XC900use 2HA5
XCC82use 7AU7
XCC189use 4ES8/XCC189
XCF80use 4BL8
XCF82use 5U8
XCF801use 4GJ7
XCL82use 8B8
XCL85use 9GV8
XF93use 3BA6
XF94use 3AU6
XF183use 3EH7
XF184use 3EJ7
XH3-0453C45; use 6130/3C45
XH16-2006279; use CV-6022/8503
XK90use 3BE6
XL84use 8BQ5
XL90use 5AQ5
XL500use 13GB5
XR96111; try 6112
XXBuse 3C6
XXFMuse 7X7
XXLuse 7A4
XY88use 16AQ3
YCF86use 5HG8/LCF86
YCL82use 11BM8
YCL84use 10DX8/LCL84
YF93use 4BA6
YF94use 4AU6
YF183use 4EH7
YF184use 4EJ7
YK90use 4BE6
YL86use 10CW5/LL86
YL1220use 6939
YL1370use 6146B/8298A
YL13718032A; use 6883B/8032A
Z14DF33 (1N5G); use 1N5GT
Z636J7G; use 6J7G or 6J7
Z77use EF91
Z152EF80; use 6BX6
Z696XXFM; use 7X7
Z719EF80; use 6BX6
Z749EF183; use 6EH7
Z1494use 5654/6AK5W family
Z14972C51; use any of 5670 families
Z1498use any of 12AU7 families
Z1499use any of 6005, 6095 or 6AQ5 families
Z1730use 6W4GT
Z17495749/6BA6W; use 6BA6
Z17505750/6BE6W; use 6BE6
Z17515726/6AL5W; use any of 5726/6AL5W or 6AL5 families
Z17645751; use 12AX7
Z2000use any of 6J6 family
Z2092use 6SK7
Z2093use 12AT7
Z2095use 6AC7
Z2096use 6C4
Z2097use 6AU6
Z2098use 6X4 or EZ90
Z2099use 5Y3GT or 6087
Z21016072; use 12AY7
Z2104use 5654/6AK5W family
Z2106use 6005/6AQ5 family
Z29018113; use 6CY5
ZA7013use 6K7G
ZD17use 1S5
ZD1526N8 (EBF80); use 6DC8/EBF89
ZG547use 6130/3C45
ZG5695C22; use CV-6022/8503
ZP315use 5Z4 (metal)

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