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Search Engine Hint
Next time you look for a tube using your favorite search engine, enter the type, space and the word pax. (example: 6BA6 pax).
That will bring us up as one of the 1st pages instead of 1000th or something.


The dealer net info comes from catalogs like Newark, Allied, Richardson, MCM , CEI etc.

A small 'u' after the type number indicates used tube.
Clicking on an underlined 'use' or 'try' recommendation will take you to that suggested replacement. Your back button will return you.

# = record#
* = remarked


5Y3G: use 5Y3GT
D1Cuse 957
D2M9EAA91; use 6AL5 family
D27use 6AL5 family
D28use 6AQ6
D636H6G; use 6H6
use also 6EB5 or any of shorter 6AL5 or 6AL5W families
D152EAA91; use 6AL5 family
D717use any of 6AL5 or 6AL5W family
DAC32use 1H5GT
DAF91use 1S5
DAF92use 1U5
DD6EAA91; use 6AL5 family
DD775726; use any of 5726 or 5726/6AL5W family
DF33use 1N5GT
DF91use 1T4
DF191use 1T4
DF904use 1U4
DH63use 6Q7G
DH77use 6AT6
DH81use 7B6
DH149use 7C6
DH719EABC80 (6AK8); use 6T8 or 6T8A
DK32use 1A7GT
DK91use 1R5
DL33use 3Q5GT
DL82use 7B6
DL92use 3S4
DL93use 3A4
DL94use 3V4
DP61use any of 6AK5 family
DT153use 1U4
DY30use 1B3GT or 1G3GT or 1G3GTA
DY70use 5642
DY80use 1X2A or 1X2A/1X2B
DY861S2; use 1S2A or 1S2B
DY871S2A; use 1S2A or 1S2B
DY8021BQ2; use 1S2B
E1Cuse 955 or VT121
E80CF7643; use 6BL8
E81CC6679 (6201); use 12AT7 family
E82CC6680; use 6189 or 12AU7 or 12AU7A family
E83CC6681; use 12AX7 family
E84L7320; use 6BQ5
E88C / 8562Siemens-NewexcelwhiteW.Germ06-242
$13.00$30.80 @Rich
E88CC6922; use 6DJ8/ECC88 para fil only
E90CC5920; use 6J6WA or 6J6WB parallel fil only
E90F7693; use 6661/6BH6 or 6BH6
E90Z6063; use 6X4W or 6X4WA
E91AA5726/6AL5W; use any of 5726 family
E91H6687; use 6CS6 parallel fil only
E91Nuse 5727/2D21W
E95Fuse any of 5654/6AK5W family
E99F7694; use 6662/6BJ6 or 6BJ6
E108Kuse 0B2 or 0B2WA
E130LF7543; use 6AU6 or 6AU6A family
E180CC7062; use 5965 or 12AV7
E188CC7308; try 6DJ8
E288CCtry 6DJ8 parallel fil only
E902use any of 6X4 or EZ90 family
E1485use 3A4
E1518use EF91
E1606B65; use any of 6SN7GT or 6SN7GTB
E1709use 6SC7
E1955PL2D21; use 2D21 or 5727/2D21W
E2157ECC81; use 12AT7 family
E2163ECC82; use 12AU7 family
E2164ECC83; use 12AX7 family
EAA91use 6AL5 family
EAA901use 5726/6AL5W family
EABC806AK8; use 6T8 or 6T8A
EAF801International922NewExcell.whiteGermany13INT5# excell.1$7.90$19.40
EB34ARDD5; use 6H6 parallel fil only
EB91EAA91; use 6AL5 family
EBC81 / 6BD7Amperex-NewExcell.orangeFrance69-15AMP2#v. good1$6.00$10.45
EBC90use 6AT6
EBC91use 6AV6
EBF32use 6B8G parallel fil only
EBF806N8; use 6DC8/EBF89
EBF816AD8; use 6DC8/EBF89
EBF89use 6DC8/EBF89
EC886DL4; use E88C/8562
EC90use 6C4
EC92use 6AB4
EC94use 6AF4, 6AF4A or 6AF4A/6DZ4
EC95use 6ER5/EC95
EC97use 6FY5/EC97
EC900use 6HA5/6HM5
ECC316N7G; use 6N7
ECC326SN7G; use 6SN7GT or 6SN7GTB
ECC336SN7GT; use 6SN7GT or 6SN7GTB
ECC35use 6SL7GT parallel fil only
ECC706021, try 6BF7W
ECC81use 12AT7 family
ECC82use 12AU7 family
ECC83use 12AX7 family
ECC85use 6AQ8/ECC85
ECC88use 6DJ8/ECC88
ECC91use any of 6J6 family
ECC180use any of 6BQ7A family
ECC1867316; use 12AU7 family
ECC189 / 6ES8Mullard1022NewExcell.whiteUSA045MULL1#v.good1$5.95$10.45
use also 6ES8/ECC189
ECC2306080; try 6AS7G (size)
ECC8016060; use 12AT7 family
ECC8026189; use 12AU7 family
ECC8036057; use 12AX7 family
ECC8046GA8; try 6CG7 family
ECC813use 6463
ECC86312DT7; use 12AX7 family
ECC868E88CC; use 6DJ8/ECC88
ECC9605920; use 6J6WA or 6J6WB parallel fil only
ECF80use 6BL8
ECF82 / 6U8TelefunkenSOLD OUTBNExcell.whiteGerm.8311pl.whiteexcel.0$-up to $15.00
use also 6U8 or 6U8A family
ECF86use 6HG8/ECF86
ECF200use 6X9/ECF200
ECF801use 6GJ7/ECF801
ECF802use 6JW8/ECF802
ECH81 / 6AJ8Mullard-NewExcell.whiteG.Brit.0035MULL1good1$7.00$12.25
use also 6AJ8/ECH81
ECL80 / 6AB8Amperex-Newv.goodwhiteG.Brit.-AMP2#v.good1$5.00$8.55
use also 6AB8/ECL80
ECL82use 6BM8
ECL84use 6DX8/ECL84
ECL85use 6GV8/ECL85
ECL86use 6GW8/ECL86
ECL100use 6BC8, 6BZ8 or any of 6BQ7 family
ED26D2; use 6EB5, D77 or any of shorter 6AL5 family
EF22W143; use 7B7 parallel fil only
EF36NR49; use 6J7
EF37Low Hum EF36; try 6J7
EF39use 6K7 parallel fil only
EF80use 6BX6/EF80
EF856BY7; use 6BX6/EF80
EF89use 6DA6/EF89
EF93use 6BA6
EF94 / 6AU6Heath (Mullard)1022NewgoodwhiteG.Brit.D26pl. whiteExcell.1$4.75$8.35
use also 6AU6 or 6AU6A family
EF95use any of 6AK5 family
EF96use 6AG5 family
EF183use 6EH7
EF184use 6EJ7
EF190use 6CB6 or 6CB6A families
EF8116F25; use 6EH7
EF8126F23 (6EL7); use 6BX6/EF80
EF8146F24; use 6EJ7
EF9056AK5W; use any of 5654 or 5654/6AK5W family
EFL200use 6Y9/EFL200
EH90 use 6CS6
EH900/S5915; use 6BE6
EK90 use 6BE6
EL34use 6CA7/EL34
EL37use 6L6GC
EL84use 6BQ5/EL84
EL86use 6CW5/EL86
EL90 use any of 6AQ5 or 6AQ5A families
EL95use 6DL5/EL95
EL180 use any of 12BY7 or 12BY7A family
EL500use 6GB5/EL504
EL504use 6GB5/EL504
EL5056KG6; use 6KG6A/EL509
EL509use 6KG6A/EL509
EL519use 6KG6A/EL509
EM84Telefunken-Newv. good whiteGermany10097TFNK1#v.good1$13.95$20.00
use also 6FG6/EM84
EM84ause EM84 or 6FG6/EM84
EM840use EM84 or 6FG6/EM84
EN91use 2D21 or 5727
EY816R3; use 6RK19/6BR3 parallel fil only
EY81Fuse 6V3 or 6V3A
EY83use 6AL3 parallel fil only
EY88use 6AL3/EY88
EY5006EC4; use 6EC4A/EY500
EY500A6EC4A; use 6EC4A/EY500
EZ35use 6X5GT
EZ80 / 6V4Mullard1022NewExcell.whiteG.Brit.420MULL1# good1$28.00up to $75
use also 6V4
EZ81use 6CA4
EZ90 / 6X4MullardSOLD OUTNewExcell.whiteG.Brit.-pl.whiteExcell.0$-$12.95
use also any of 6X4 family
EZ9006063; use any of 6X4 family
F/5654F-5654 (6AK5W); use 5654/6AK5W family
F/5726F-5726 (6AL5W); use 5726/6AL5W family
F/5750F-5750 (6BE6W); use 6BE6
F/6057F-6057 (12AX7); use 12AX7 family
F/6060F-6060 (12AT7); use 12AT7 family
F/6063F-6063 (6X4); use any of 6X4 family
F/6064F-6064 (6AM6); use EF91
F/6067F-6067 (12AU7); use 12AU7 family
FX2195C22 (CV2520); use CV6022/8503
FX227use 6130/3C45
G7777; use 6C6
G105/1DG105-1D; use 0C3
G108/1KG108-1K; use 0B2 or 0B2WA
G150/3DG150-3D; use 0D3
G150/4KG150-4K; use 0A2
GB5670 or
SylvaniaAMLNewpoorgoldUSA-SYL GBgood0$-$11.85
use also CK5670 or 5670
GB5726 or
use also 5726/6AL5W or CK5726/6AL5W
GB6005 or
SylvaniaJAKNewfairgoldUSAAADSYL GBv.good1$4.95$14.60
use also 6005/6AQ5/6095 family
GB6186 or
SylvaniaBAFNewfairgoldUSA20mil boxgood1$2.95$10.20
use also 6186/6AG5W
GZ30use 5Z4
GZ31use 5U4GA, 5U4GB or 5AS4A
GZ32use 5V4G or 5V4GA
GZ34MullardSOLD OUTwhiteG.Brit.?pl.whiteexcell0$-up to $100.00
H2-10use 2X2 or 2X2A
H45use 6130/3C45
H52use 5AS4A or 5U4GB
H636F5G; use 6F5GT
H250use 6J7G
H10005C22 (CV2520); use CV6022/8503
HA2use 955 or VT121
HAA91use 12AL5 or 7055
HABC8019AK8; use 19T8
HBC90use 12AT6
HBC91use 12AV6
HCC85use 17EW8
HD14use 1H5GT
HD51use 0A2
HD52use 0B2 or 0B2WA
HD93use 1X2A/1X2B or 1X2B
HD94use 6BQ6GTB
HD96use 25BQ6GTB
HF93use 12BA6
HF94use 12AU6
HF2025ECC91; use any of 6J6 family
HF2190use 6AC7
HF2192use 6AG7
HF2600use 6AC7
HF2600use 6AG7
HF3104use 6SA7
HF3105use 6SQ7
HF3108use 6L6 metal
HF3111use 6SK7
HF3112use 6J5
HF3116EZ35; use 6X5GT
HF3127use 6SJ7
HF3128use 6SH7
HF31296SN7; use 6SN7GT or 6SN7GTB
HF3132EF96; use 6AG5
HK90use 12BE6
HL92 /50C5SilvertoneAAFNewExcell.whiteJapan852PAX1Excell.1$8.75$22.45
use also 50C5
HL9430A5; use 35C5
HM04EK90; use 6BE6
HP6use EF91
HP453C45; use 6130/3C45
HT4155C22; use CV6022/8503
HY61use 807
HY90use 35W4
HY145use 1U4
KD24use 0C3
KD25use 0D3
KK24use 0C3
KK32use 1C7G
KR5use 6A4
KR48use 47
KS9-20723A-B; use 2K25
KS9-20A or KS9-20Duse 2K25
KT3225L6G; use 25L6GT or 25W6GT
KT666L6G; use 6L6GC
KT7150L6G, use 50L6GT
KT77EL34; use 6CA7
KT81use 7C5 parallel fil only
KTW61NR64; use 6K7G
KTW62W61; use 6K7
KTW63W63; use 6K7G
KTZ63use 6J7G
KTZ63Muse 6J7
KU255C22; use CV6022/8503
L63/L63B6J5G; use 6J5 or 6J5GT or 6C5 families
L77EC90; use 6C4
LAuse 6A4
LC900use 3HA5
LCF806LN8; see 6BL8
LCF86use 5HG8
LCF801use 5GJ7
LCF802use 6LX8/LCF802
LCL82use 11BM8
LCL84use 10DX8
LF183use 4EH7
LF184use 4EJ7
LFL200use 11Y9
LL86use 10CW5
LL500use 18GB5 or 17B-B14
LL802use 10LD6
LN152ECL80; use 6AB8 or ECL80
LN309use PCL83
LY88use 20AQ3
LZ3198A8; use 9A8
LZ329use 9A8

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