CV1056 - CX313

CV1056 - CX313

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The dealer net info comes from catalogs like Newark, Allied, Richardson, MCM , CEI etc.

A small 'u' after the type number indicates used tube.
Clicking on an underlined 'use' or 'try' recommendation will take you to that suggested replacement. Your back button will return you.

# = record#
* = remarked


EF36; try 6J7 may be too short
CV1059HA2; use 955 or VT-121
CV1060use 807
CV1067use 6J5
CV1071U52 (5U4G); use 5U4GB or 5AS4A
CV1073H63; use 6F5GT
CV1074KTZ63; use 6J7G
CV1075KT66; (6L6G); use 6L6GC
CV1100W61; use 6K7G
CV1111AU5; use VU111S
CV1195use 6K7
CV1268U50 (5Y3G); use 5Y3GT family
CV12806L7, try 6L7G
CV1281KTW61 (6S7), try 6S7G
CV1285use 6N7
CV1286use 6L6 metal
CV1287KT32 (25L6G); use 25L6GT or 25W6GT
CV1301use 6H6
CV1364use 807
CV1374use 807
CV1375EF85 (6BY7), use 6BX6
CV1376EF80, use 6BX6
CV1377use GZ34
CV1404EF36; try 6J7 may be too short
CV1464EF39; try 6k7 may be too short
CV1502KT32 (25L6G); use 25L6GT or 25W6GT
CV1519ZP315; use 5Z4
CV1535EZ80; use 6V4 or EZ80
CV1572QE06-50; use 807
CV1633DL94; use 3V4
CV1649use 6C5
CV1708use 80
CV1709use 6D6
CV1710use 6C6
CV1711use 6B7
CV1712use 42
CV1730KT66; (6L6G); use 6L6GC
CV1741use 6CA7
CV1751use 34
CV175235; use 35/51
CV1755use 1626
CV1762use 6AK6
CV1770use 7A4
CV177139; use 39/44
CV177247; use 47(E) ST version
CV1777use 7C7
CV17876AK7; use 6AG7
CV1795723A/B, use 2K25
CV17982051, use 2050A
CV18001A7G, use 1A7GT
CV1802use 1A7GT
CV18181H5G; use 1H5GT
CV1820use 1H5GT
CV18211N5G; use 1N5GT
CV1823use 1N5GT
CV1830DY30; use 1B3GT
CV1832use 0A2
CV1833use 0B2 or 0B2WA
CV18432Y2; use 2X2 or 2X2A
CV1846use 5T4
CV18545Y3G, use 5Y3GT family
CV1856use 5Y3GT family
CV1857use 5Y4G
CV1862use 6AQ5 or 6AQ5A families
CV18635Z4G; use 5Z4
CV1864use 5Z4
CV1870use 6A7
CV1873use 6AB7
CV1876use 6AC7
CV1878use 6AD7G
CV1882use 6AG7
CV1891use 6B7
CV1893use 6B8G
CV1896use 6C8G
CV1900use 6D6
CV1902use 6D8G
CV1910use 6F5GT
CV1915use 6F7
CV1917use 6F8G
CV1926use 6G6G
CV1928HF93; use 12BA6
CV19296H6G, use 6H6
CV1930use 6H6
CV19316H6GT, use 6H6
CV19326J5G, use 6J5 or 6J5GT
CV1933use 6J5
CV19346J5GT, use 6J5 or 6J5GT
CV1935use 6J7G
CV1936use 6J7
CV19376J7GT, use 6J7
CV19386K6G, use 6K6GT
CV1940use 6K6GT
CV1941use 6K7G
CV1942use 6K7
CV19436K7GT, use 6K7
CV1944use 6K8G
CV1947use 6L6GC
CV1948use 6L6 metal
CV1950use 6L7G
CV1955use EF91
CV19566N7G, use 6N7
CV1957use 6N7
CV19586N7GT, use 6N7
CV1959HL92; use HL92 or 50C5
CV1961use HF94; use 12AU6
CV1966use 6SA7
CV1967use 6SA7GT
CV1969use 6SC7
CV19706SC7GT, try 6SC7
CV1971DF91; use 1T4
CV1972use 6SF5
CV1973use 6SF5GT
CV1974use 6S7G
CV1981use 6SK7
CV19826SK7GT; try 6SK7
CV19846SL7; use 6SL7GT
CV1985use 6SL7GT
CV19866SN7; use 6SN7GT or 6SN7GTB
CV19886SN7GT; use 6SN7GT or 6SN7GTB
CV1990use 6SQ7
CV19916SQ7GT, use 6SQ7
CV2001use EF91
CV2004use 6AL5 or any of entire family
CV2005use 6AL5 or any of entire family
CV2007ECC82; use 12AU7 or any of family
CV2010use 6J6 or any of entire family
CV2011ECC83; use 12AX7 or any of family
CV20120G3; use 5651A
CV20146062; try 5763
CV2016ECC81; use 12AT7 or any of family
CV2020use 6AK5 or any of entire family
CV2021use 6X4 or any of entire family
CV2024use 6BE6
CV2025use EF91
CV2026use 6BA6
CV2115U41; use 1B3GT
CV2128ECH81; use ECH81 or 6AJ8
CV2129QE03-10; use 5763
CV2195use EF91
CV22096F33; 6AS6 or 409A
CV2241use 5642
CV2295use 3E29
CV2300DL93; use 3A4
CV2370use 3S4
CV2390use 3A4
CV2466use 6939
CV2492E88CC; try 6DJ8 para fil only
CV2493E88CC; try 6DJ8 para fil only
CV2507use 1U4
CV25206279; use CV-6022/8503
CV2521use 6AH6 family
CV2522use 6AS6 or 409A
CV2523A1834; use 6AS7G
CV2524use 6AU6 or 6AU6A families
CV2525EBC91; use 6AV6
CV2526use 6AV6
CV2527use 6BA7
CV2534use 50L6GT
CV2544use 78
CV25652050; use 2050A
CV2575use 5670 families
CV25785687; use 5687WA family
CV2585use 39/44
CV2613310A; try 6C6
CV2629350A; use 807
CV2630351A, use 6X5G
CV2650use 12AY7
CV2700use 957
CV27051203; use 1203A
CV27067C4, use 1203A
CV27071231; use 7V7
CV27131610; use 47
CV27141614; use 6L6 metal
CV27161655; use 6SC7
CV27485Z4GT/GZ30; try 5Z4 metal (size?)
CV2792use 2K25
CV27974J; use 5894
CV28176L6GA; use 6L6GC
CV28312C51; use 5670 families
CV28355R4WGY; use 5R4GYB
CV28426C4W; use 6C4
CV28436J6W, use 6J6WA or 6J6WB families
CV2844use 6X4W or 6X4WA
CV2854use 6AN5 or 6AN5WA
CV2858use 3B24W
CV28662C51W; use 5670 families
CV28762D21W; use 5727
CV2877use 5654/6AK5W family
CV2882use 5726/6AL5W family
CV28836005; use 6005/6AQ5 or 6AQ5 families
CV28845725; use 6AS6 or 409A
CV29036073; use 0A2
CV2937use 6AQ6
CV2968use 7F8
CV29705656; use CK5656
CV2975EL84; use 6BQ5
CV2983use 3V4
CV29846080; try 6AS7G (size)
CV29906136; use 6AU6 family
CV29926106; try 5Y3GT family
CV2993KU25; try CV6022/8503
CV3508E81CC (12AT7WA); try 12AT7 family
CV35175933 (807W); use 807
CV35396024; use EF91
CV3540HT415; try CV6022/8503
CV3548use 1B24A
CV3595721A; use 721B
CV3599use 3E29
CV3601use 7193
CV3612use 5686
CV3616use 6BN6 or 6BN6/6KS6 family
CV36186L6WGA; try 6L6GC
CV36196SJ7WGT; use 6SJ7GT
CV36276SN7WGT; use 6SN7GT or 6SN7GTB
CV3629use 6130/3C45
CV3650use 12AY7
CV36995693; use 6SJ7
CV37346X5WGT; use 6X5GT
CV3748use 2X2 or 2X2A
CV3754U50 (5Y3G); use 5Y3GT family
CV3809807W; use 807
CV3894use 6BF7W
CV38995932 (6L6WGA); try 6L6GC
CV39005963; use 12AU7 family
CV3908use 6BH6 or 6661
CV3909use 6BJ6 or 6662
CV3912use 1U5
CV3935use 14A7
CV3937use 14R7
CV39425692; use 6SN7GT or 6SN7GTB
CV39726095; use 6005/6AQ5/6095 or any of 6AQ5 family
CV39736AC7Y; try 6AC7
CV39746AS7Y; try 6AS7G
CV39786AG7Y; try 6AG7
CV39790D3W; use 0D3
CV39856113 (6SL7WGT); use 6SL7GT
CV39866021, try 6BF7W
CV3990use 2E26
CV3994use 1V2
CV3995use any of 6CB6 family
CV3996U709; use 6CA4
CV4001F/6063; use any of 6X4,W, WA or EZ90 families
CV4002F/6064; use EF91
CV4003E82CC; use 6189/12AU7WA or 12AU7A
CV4004F/6057 (E83CC); use 12AX7A
CV40056X4WA; use 6X4W, 6X4WA or any of 6X4/EZ90 family
CV4007M8212 (E91AA); use 6AL5 family
CV40095749; use 6BA6
CV4010E95F; use 5654/6AK5W
CV40116AS6W; use 6AS6 or 409A
CV40125750; use 6BE6
CV4013use 5670 families
CV4014M8083; use EF91
CV4016use 5814A or 5814WA
CV40175751; use 12AX7 family
CV40182D21W; use 5727
CV40196005; use 6005/6AQ5 family
CV40200A2WA; use 0A2
CV40213B24WA; use 3B24W
CV40226135 (6C4WA); use 6C4
CV40236AU6WA; use 6AU6A family
CV4024E81CC (12AT7WA); use 12AT7 family
CV4025E91AA (6AL5W); use 5726 or 6AL5 families
CV40265R4WGA; try 5R4GYB
CV40275Y3WGTA; try 5Y3GT family
CV40280B2WA; use 0B2 or 0B2WA
CV40316101 (6J6WA); use 6J6WA or 6J6WB families
CV4033F/6060 (6201); try 12AT7 family
CV4034F/6067 (E82CC); try 12AU7 family
CV4035F/6057 (E83CC); try 12AX7 family
CV4037F/5750 (EK90); use 6BE6
CV40396062; use 5763
CV4049F/5726 (E91AA); use 5726 family
CV4050F/5654 (6AK5W); use 5654/6AK5W family
CV4058M8080 (6C4W); use 6C4
CV40986AS6W (5725); use 6AS6 or 409A
CV41000A2WA; use 0A2
CV41010B2WA; use 0B2 or 0B2WA
CV50066021; (ECC70), try 6BF7W
CV50086080; try 6AS7G (size)
CV50216V3A; use 6V3 or 6V3A
CV50321X2A; use 1X2A, 1X2B or 1X2A/1X2B
CV5036EC94; use 6AF4, 6AF4A or 6AF4A/6DZ4
CV50376BA6W (5749); use 6BA6
CV50396BL7; use 6BL7GT or 6BL7GTA
CV5040use 6BQ6GTB
CV5041use 6CL6 or 6677
CV5042use 12BH7A
CV50526AU7; use 7AU7
CV5065ECF82; use any of 6U8 family
CV50576SH7L; try 6SH7
CV5072EZ81; use 6CA4
CV5094EL86; use 6CW5
CV51216870; try 12BY7 family
CV5144use PCL83
CV51465814; use 5814A or 5814WA
CV5156EF89; use 6DA6/EF89
CV51815R4GY; use 5R4GYB
CV51826AN5; use 6AN5 or 6AN5WA
CV5183use 6C4
CV5184use 6CD6G or family
CV5185use 6X4 or any of entire family
CV51865651; use 5651A
CV5189M8212 (E91AA); use 5726 or 6AL5 families
CV5212E81CC (12AT7WA); use 12AT7 family
CV52145920 (E90CC); try 6J6 family (parallel fil only)
CV5215ECF80; use 6BL8
CV5216use 5654/6AK5W family
CV5231E188CC (7308); use 6DJ8
CV52465933 (807W); use 807
CV5304use 6463
CV5306use 6L6 metal
CV5307QE06-50; use 807
CV5331ECC189; use ECC189 or 6ES8/ECC189
CV5358ECC88; use 6DJ8
CV5365ECC180; use 6BQ7A family
CV53916072; try 12AY7
CV54271X2B; use 1X2B or 1X2A/1X2B
CV5434EM84; use EM84 or 6FG6/EM84
CV5450use 6AH6 or 6AH6WA
CV54517320 (E84L); use 6BQ5
CV54647308 (E188CC); use 6DJ8
CV54726922 (E88CC); use 6DJ8
CV5473QQE02-5; use 6939
CV54775U4G; use 5U4GA or 5U4GB
CV5729use 6CD6G or family
CV5763use 12AT7
CV5810EF184; use 6EJ7 or 6EJ7/EF184
CV58176BW7; use 6BX6
CV5831use EF183; use 6EH7 or 6EH7/EF183
CV58435965A; try 5965 or 12AV7
CV58935654; use any of 5654/6AK5W family
CV58942C51; use 5670 families
CV58955750 (6BE6W); use 6BE6
CV58966136; use any of 6AU6 or 6AU6A families
CV5986use 6112
CV6007use 6130/3C45
CV6022 /8503 uEEV752usedexcellentwhiteEngland7528box supplied1$65.00$583.00
CV80206AM6; use EF91
CV8021use D77, 6EB5 or any of 6AL5 or 6AL5W families
CV8037QS83-3; use 5651A
CV8043U41; use 1B3GT
CV80546F33; use 6AS6 or 409A
CV80656922 (E88CC); use 6DJ8
CV8069use 6BQ5
CV80736072; try 12AY7
CV8075M8237 (E91AA); use 5726 or 6AL5 families
CV8154B309 (ECC81); use 12AT7 family
CV8155B329 (ECC82); use 12AU7 family
CV8156B339 (ECC83); use 12AX7 family
CV8157QS1206; use 0C3
CV8158PL2D21; use 2D21 or 5727/2D21W
CV8159EF95; use any of 6AK5 or 5654 families
CV8160ECC91; use any of 6J6 family
CV8161QS1207; use 0A2
CV8162QS1208; use 0B2 or 0B2WA
CV8169QD77 (EAA91); use any of 6AL5 family
CV8184QB65; use 6SN7GT or 6SN7GTB
CV81895R4GY; use 5R4GYB
CV8190use 6AH6 or 6AH6WA
CV8191use 6CL6 or 6677
CV8200EAA91; use any of 6AL5 family
CV8201EK90 (X727); use 6BE6
CV8202EF93; use 6BA6
CV8203EZ90; use EZ90 or 6X4
CV82045R4GYA; use 5R4GYB
CV8206QE03-10; use 5763
CV8208use 6AH6 or 6AH6WA
CV82096R-R8; use 6AS6 or 409A
CV8210use 6AU6A
CV8211use 6AN5 or 6AN5WA
CV82155656; use CK5656
CV82166080; try 6AS7G (size)
CV8218YL1370; use 6146B
CV8221ECC82; use 12AU7 family
CV8222M8137 (7025); use 12AX7A family
CV8223use any of 6X4 family
CV8224use any of 5726 family
CV8225use any of 6AK5 family
CV8226use 6AS6 or 409A
CV82275750 (6BE6W); use 6BE6
CV8229EL90; use any of 6AQ5 family
CV8231ECC91; use any of 6J6 family
CV82326080; try 6AS7G (size)
CV8237use any of 6X4 family
CV8246use any of 5654/6AK5W family
CV8247use any of 5670 families
CV82485750 (6BE6W); use 6BE6
CV82496136; use 6AU6 or 6AU6A family
CV8280use 6AX5GT
CV8287use 5686
CV8297use 6GW8
CV83105725 (6AS6W); use 6AS6 or 409A
CV8311use any of 5726 family
CV83125751; use 12AX7 family
CV84036AU6WB; use 6AU6A
CV84306BK4B; use 6BK4C/6EL4A
CV84317062; try 5965 or 12AV7 (both are shorter) para fil only
CV8433PCF80 (8A8); use 9A8
CV8458EL95; use 6DL5
CV86146080; try 6AS7G (size)
CV8697E91H (6687); use 6CS6
CV87326064 (M8083); use EF91
CV8820use 7551
CV8926EF190; use any of 6CB6 family
CV8973QEL2-275; use 4CX250B
CV8978use A2426
CV90897203; use 4CX250B
CV9090use 5894
CV9092use 5814A family
CV90936021; use 6BF7W
CV91558255 (6DL4); use E88C/8562
CV9167ECL82; use 6BM8
CV934185A2; use 5651A
CV9474use 5763
CV9685DY70; use 5642
CV97387895; use 6CW4 or 6DS4
CV9837use 6CM8
CV9838use 6ES8 or ECC189
CV98396146A; use 6146B
CV98426829; use 5965 or 12AV7
CV9849use 6AU5GT
CV98547543; use 6AU6 or 6AU6A families
CV9855use 6EB8 or 6GN8/6EB8
CV9856use 6BN8
CV9857use 6AZ8
CV9858use 6U8 or 6U8A family
CV9859use 12AT7
CV9921use 6AV6
CV99349U8 (PCF82); use 9A8
CV10100use any of 6AK5, 5654 or 6096 families
CV1017512AV7; use 12AV7 or 5965
CV10319use 12AX7 family
CV10320E88CC (6922); use 6DJ8
CV10321EL84; use 6BQ5
CV103226080; try 6AS7G (size)
CV10323use 12AU7 family
CV10324use any of 6AL5 or 5726 families
CV103276AM6; use EF91
CV10328EB91; use 6EB5 or any of the shorter 6AL5 or 6AL5W families
CV10329use QQV02-6; use 6939
CV103305R4; use 5R4GYB
CV10331QE03-10; use 5763
CV10341PL36; use PL36/25E5 or 25E5/PL36
CV10403PCC88, use 7DJ8
CV10442use any of 6AK5W, 5654 or 6096 families
CV10460PY88; use 30AE3
CV10492use 6BA6
CV10496use 6BE6
CV10553use 6BF7W
CV10566use 6112
CV10579use 6CW4 or 6DS4
CV10662ECC81; use 12AT7
CV10664150C4; use 0A2
CV10665EN91; use 2D21 or 5727/2D21W
CV10666ECC82; use 12AU7 family
CV10672use 1G3GT or 1G3GTA
CV10707DY86 (1S2); use 1S2A
CV10709PL82 (16A5); use 15CW5
CV10725PL500; use 27GB5
CV10731E80CF (7643); use 6BL8
CV10745EY88; use 6AL3
CV10746ECL80; use 6AB8 or ECL80
CV10761DY87 (1S2A); use 1S2A or 1S2B
CV10782PCF82 (9U8); use 9A8
CV10955PL504; use 27GB5
CX3135Y3G: use 5Y3GT

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