A239 - CV995

A239 - CV995

Search Engine Hint
Next time you look for a tube using your favorite search engine, enter the type, space and the word pax. (example: 6BA6 pax).
That will bring us up as one of the 1st pages instead of 1000th or something.


The dealer net info comes from catalogs like Newark, Allied, Richardson, MCM , CEI etc.

A small 'u' after the type number indicates used tube.
Clicking on an underlined 'use' or 'try' recommendation will take you to that suggested replacement. Your back button will return you.

# = record#
* = remarked


use 3B24W
A247use 47
A675use 75
A676use 76
A67777; use 6C6
A678use 78
A863use 6J7
A1834use 6AS7G
A2426 / CV8978
Radar Beam Power
GEC-Newexcell.white EnglandYA ZGEC1# v.good1$35.00$272.50 @ Newark
$48.00 thru
$89.00 on EBay
-Newexcell.whiteEngland7743GEC2# excell.2$35.00
Genelex-Newexcell.whiteEngland7706GEC1# excell.1$35.00
A2426uGenelex-usedexcell.whiteEngland7707box supplied1$17.55
A2900use 12AT7 family
A4051use 807
A4073F6AC7W; use 6AC7
A4273B6SN7W; use 6SN7GT family
A4361use 6AK6
A4375Ause 6AQ6
A4388use 50B5
A4434use 6J6 or 6J6A family
A4442use 6BF6
A4450use any of 6AQ5/A/6005 family
A4475use 6AS7G
A4522Ause 12AX7
A4524Ause 6BH6 family
A4541Huse 5763
AA91use 5726, GB5726 or try 6AL5 family
ABC91use 12A6
AGuse 83
AG5210use 0B2
AG5211use 0A2
ARDD3use 6H6
ARH16L7, try 6L7G
ARP15KTW63; use 6K7
ARP16use 6J7
ARP34EF39; use 6K7 parallel fil only
ARTH1use 6K8G
ASG512use 2D21 or 5727
ATS25 or ATS25Ause 807
AU5use VU111S
AU13use 5Z4
AX9903use 5894
AX9912use CV-6022/8503
B2A2050, use 2050A
B36use 12SN7GT family
B65use 6SN7GT family
B152use 12AT7 family
B309use 12AT7 family
B329use 12AU7 family
B339use 12AX7 family
B719use 6AQ8/ECC85
B7296GA8; try 6CG7
B739ECC81; use 12AT7 family
B749ECC82; use 12AU7 family
B7597025; use 12AX7 family
BA22050, use 2050, use 2050A
BPM04use 6AQ5, 6AQ5A or 6005 families
BT79use 6130/3C45
CC81E12AT7WA; use 12AT7 family
CC82E12AU7WA; use 12AU7 family
CCaE88CC; use 6DJ8 para fil only
CE-3B24use 3B24W
CE230use 3B24W
CK10877; use 6C6
CK612use 6AN5 or 6AN5WA
CK10030Z4A, use 0Z4
CK1907Readout tube; use NL-843
CK5654use 5654/6AK5W, 6096, CK6096 or 6AK5 family
CK5656Raytheon164Newv.goodorangeUSAS 08QB1v. good1$14.00$32.20
165NewfairorangeUSAO 16QB1v. good1$14.00
CK5670Raytheon22?NewgoodorangeUSAO04QB1v. good1$4.45$11.85
SOLDNewfairorangeUSA008QB1v. good0$-
SOLDNewfairorangeUSAS02QB1v. good0$-
Use also 5670 or GB-5670
CK5686use 5686
'O' top getter
280usedfairorangeUSA64-06box supplied1$7.25$10 to $50
Use also 5687WA
CK5725use 6AS6 or 409A
CK5726 / 6AL5WRaytheon-Newexcell.yellowUSAN24pl.whiteexcell.1$2.95$9.20
use also GB5726, 5726/6AL5W or 6AL5 family
CK5727use 5727 or 2D21
CK57496BA6W; use 6BA6
CK57506BE6W; use 6BE6
CK5751try 12AX7/A parallel fil only
CK5763use 5763
CK5814Ause 5814A or 5814WA
CK5829use 5829
CK5963use 12AU7 family
CK5965use 5965 or 12AV7
CK6005use 6005; GB6005 or 6AQ5 family
CK6021/WAtry 6BF7W
CK6072use 12AY7 parallel fil only
CK60730A2WA, use 0A2
CK60740B2WA, use 0B2WA or 0B2
CK6087use 6087
CK6096 / 6AK5WRaytheon-NewgoodyellowUSA148RAY2good1$3.00$6.15
Use also 6096, 5654/6AK5W or 6AK5 family
CK6112use 6112
CK61356C4WA, use 6C4
CK61366AU6WA, use 6AU6 family
CK6201use 12AT7
CK62026X4W, use any of 6X4/W/WA family
CK6265use 6BH6 or 6661 parallel fil only
CK6414use 5965 or 12AV7
CK6485use 6AH6 or 6AH6WA
CK66260A2WA; use 0A2
CK66270B2WA; use 0B2WA or 0B2
CK6660use 6BA6
CK6661use 6661/6BH6 or 6BH6
CK6662 / 6BJ6
Raytheon-New excell.redUSAS14RAY5# excell.0$-$6.90
- Newexcell.yellowG.Britain<J04# v.good0$-
RJN Newexcell.yellowJapanF04# good0$-
use also 6662/6BJ6 or 6BJ6
CK6663use 5726, GB5726 or 6AL5 family
CK6669use 6005; GB6005 or 6AQ5 family
CK6677use 6CL6 or 6677/6CL6
CK6678use 6U8A
CK6679use 12AT7
CK6680use 12AU7 family
CK6681use 12AX7 family
CK6829use 5965 or 12AV7
CK6883use 6883A
CK7044try 5687WA or CK5687WA (both shorter)
CV37Z14 (1N5G); use 1N5GT
CV124use 807
CV132X77; use 6BE6
CV133use 6C4
CV138use EF91
CV140use D77, 5726, GB5726 or 6AL5 family
CV151use 6L5G
CV183use 3S4
CV205use 6Y6G
CV208use 6L6 (metal)
CV216150C3; use 0D3
CV278B65; use 6SN7GT
CV2816K8, try 6K8G
CV283EAA91; use 5726, GB5726 or 6AL5 family
CV321KT66 (6L6G); use 6L6GC
CV3296F33; use 6AS6 or 409A
CV350EF36; use 6J7
CV366use 6AG7
CV3723C45; use 6130/3C45
CV424QQE06-40; use 5894
CV44985A2 (QS83-3); use 5651A
CV452EBC90; use 6AT6
CV453EK90; use 6BE6
CV454EF93; use 6BA6
CV455ECC81; use 12AT7 family
CV484DL92; use 3S4
CV491ECC82; use 12AU7 family
CV492ECC83; use 12AX7 family
CV493use EZ90 or any of 6X4 family
CV500use 6T7G/6Q6G
CV501EBF32; use 6B8G parallel fil only
CV5035W4GT; use 5Y3GT
CV5096V6G; use 6V6GT
CV5106V6 metal; try 6V6GT
CV511use 6V6GT
CV512use 6W7G
CV515use 6Y6GT
CV5170Z4A; use 0Z4
CV522use 7B7
CV525use 12A6
CV529use 12AH7GT
CV531use 12C8
CV535use 12J5GT
CV537use 12SA7
CV538use 12SA7GT
CV541use 1B3GT
CV543use 12SK7
CV54412SK7GT, use 12SK7
CV546use 12SQ7
CV547use 12SQ7GT
CV55125L6G; use 25L6GT or 25W6GT
CV55225L6; try 25L6GT or 25W6GT
CV55325L6GT; use 25L6GT or 25W6GT
CV554D63 (6H6G); use 6H6
CV56135L6G; use 35L6GT
CV562use 35L6GT
CV564use 35Z3 formerly metal; now same as GT
CV565use 35Z3 formerly GT; initials gt dropped
CV567use 35Z5GT formerly metal; now same as GT
CV568use 35Z5GT GT designation retained
CV569ECC35; use 6SL7GT
CV571use 50L6GT
CV572use 6X5G
CV574use 6X5GT
CV575U52 (5U4G); use 5U4GB or 5AS4A
CV578use 6A8G
CV582use 6C5 or VT-65
CV585use 6C6
CV587DH63 (6Q7G); use 6T7G/6Q6G parallel fil only
CV5906SJ7G, use 6SJ7GT
CV591use 6SJ7
CV592use 6SJ7GT
CV594use 6SH7
CV595use 6SH7GT
CV5972X2A; use 2X2 or 2X2A
CV604use 30
CV606use 37
CV607use 38
CV608use 41
CV609use 42
CV614use 75
CV615use 76
CV61677; use 6C6
CV617use 80
CV618use 83
CV633829A; use 3E29
CV6462X2; use 2X2 or 2X2A
CV6571620, try 6J7
CV6581622, use 6L6
CV6601852; use 6AC7
CV6611853; use 6AB7
CV664use 9002
CV665use 9003
CV674use 721B
CV685use 0D3
CV686use 0C3
CV692use 0Z4
CV694use 12SG7
CV697use 12SJ7
CV698use 12SJ7GT
CV706use 6U7G
CV712use 38
CV715use 6F5GT
CV7175R4GY; use 5R4GYB
CV720723A/B, use 2K25
CV7251B24; use 1B24A
CV726use 35Z3
CV7295V4G; use 5V4G or 5V4GA
CV7316V6GTA; use 6V6GT uncontrolled warm-up time ckts only
CV732use 6W4GT
CV747use 6AC7
CV7551T5; use 1A5GT
CV756use 1A5GT
CV760use 1A7GT
CV771use 1G5G
CV774use 1H4G
CV775use 1LA6
CV7771LC5; use 1LN5
CV7781LC6; use 1LA6
CV780use 1LH4
CV781use 1LN5
CV782DK91; use 1R5
CV784DAF91; use 1S5
CV785DF91; use 1T4
CV7861T5; use 1A5GT
CV7922C22; use 7193
CV797PL2D21; use 2D21 or 5727
CV805use 50Y6GT
CV807DL93; use 3A4
CV811use 1291/3B7
CV8123B24; use 3B24W
CV819use 3Q5GT
CV820DL92; use 3S4
CV833use 89
CV83712C8 special, try 12C8
CV8415U4G; use 5U4GB family
CV8425W4G, use 5Y3GT family
CV843use 6AB5
CV846use 6AC7
CV848use 6AG5
CV849use 6AC7
CV850EF95; use 6AK5 family
CV852use 6C4
CV854use 6C7
CV858ECC91; use 6J6 family
CV859use 6J8G
CV862use 6L5G
CV865use 6SD7GT
CV8666SJ7Y, try 6SJ7
CV8676SR7, try 6SR7GT
CV876use 7A6
CV877use 7A7
CV879use 7B4
CV880use 7B5
CV8817B5LT; try 7B5
CV882use 7B6
CV883use 7B8
CV885use 7C5
CV8867C5LT; try 7C5
CV887use 7C6
CV8947G7, use 7V7
CV8957H7; use 7A7
CV898use 7N7
CV908use 12A5
CV909use 12A7
CV923use 12SJ7
CV924use 12SL7GT
CV925use 12SN7GT/A
CV936use 24A
CV944use 27
CV947use 31
CV995use 6AJ5

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