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Sandra Kirby - 09/11/00 06:59:11
My URL:Eagle Security Systems
My Email:hottiips@yahoo.com
Name of Site: none YET (yet being the operative word)
How did you find us?: I'm smart!!!!
Favorite VED (tube): the little oval shaped ones
Where are you from?: Chico,California - and everywhere
I'm the daughter and I remember many-many-many years ago; back in the day, sitting at "Mr. Daddy's" shop testing tubes. Wonder if I ever got em right???? After all I was watching the "tube" while I was supposed to be helping. What do you want from a 12 year old??????? I will always appreciate the technology of yesterday, 'cause I wouldn't be where I am today! Thanx Dad for the technological foundation and for putting up with me. Always your little girl, Sandi("Delta Dawn")

Earles L. McCaul - 09/15/99 00:20:37
My URL:Raytheon
My Email:elmccaul@theriver.com
Name of Site: The WILLIE VICTOR Roster
URL: http://personal.riverusers.com/~elmccaul
How did you find us?: Nevin Frankel's VPNAVY website
Favorite VED (tube): 5881/6L6GC/KT66 (power beam tetrode)
Where are you from?: Tucson, AZ
Glad to see another source of "glow-FETS" as they uphemistically call vacuum tubes these days. I'm from the days when you could "see" if the electronics was working by the glow of each tube! Nowadays, you need a 'scope and logic analyzer. I design, build, restore and analyze vacuum tube amplifiers for guitar players (hence, the favorite tube above = 6L6GC). Am working on SPICE simulations of most popular audio tubes. Anybody know of any GOOD books on SPICE simulations of vacuum tubes?

Lee Shake - 07/16/99 05:12:56
My Email:lee@grandhaven.com
How did you find us?: Your email
Hey Charlie, THIS is great! I know some folks who might be glad to visit this site! Can't wait to let them know about it.

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